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21 12, 2020

SFC Leadership + Terrier

St. Francis College Board of Trustees Chairman Denis Salamone ’75 Trustees Hector Batista ’84, P’17 Bro. William Boslet, OSF ’70 Kate Cooney Burke Timothy Cecere P’20 Bro. Leonard Conway, OSF ’71 Edward N. Constantino ’68 Arkell Cox Mary Beth Dawson, Ph.D. William F. Dawson, Jr. ’86 Jean S. Desravines ’94 Gene Donnelly ’79 Leslie S. Jacobson, Ph.D. Penelope Kokkinides Barbara G. Koster ’76 Jesus F. Linares ’84 Michael A. MacIntyre ’97 J. Christopher Mangan ’83 Lawrence A. Marsiello ’72 Victor J. Masi, DO ’89, P’21, P’24 Gino P. Menchini Bro. Gabriel O’Brien, OSF Ana Oliveira Walton D. Pearson ’83 Judy A. Rice ’79 Charles D. Smith, Jr. John F. Tully, Esq. ’67, P’12 President Miguel Martinez-Saenz, Ph.D. (Ex Officio) Thomas J. Volpe (Emeritus and Non-Voting) Alumni Association Board of Directors Founded in 1887, the Alumni Association serves to advance the principles and purposes of St. Francis College and benefit all graduates. All former graduates of St. Francis College become members upon graduation. The Association promotes the growth, development, and welfare of the College while advancing the social, professional, and economic interests of its members. The Association also renders financial aid and sponsors a number of social and educational affairs that serve to stimulate and maintain interest among its members. This fosters new acquaintances among graduates and former students. To ensure adequate communication with our alumni, the College publishes Terrier alumni magazine and sends out email newsletters and notices throughout the year. President Dyanne Rosado ’95 Vice President Joseph M. Acciarito ’12 Secretary Antonevia Ocho-Coultes ’04 Directors James F. Bozart ’86 Sarah M. Bratton-Hughes ’07 John J. Casey ’70 John Cashin ’68 Kevin Conlon ’11 Salvatore P. Demma ’09 Bob A. Dennis ’71 Mary Anne P. Killeen ’78 Jennifer Ladelfa [Read More…]

15 12, 2020

Cover Story: Kimberly Watson, LMSW ’07

Kimberly Watson, LMSW ’07 Helping Kids Overcome Trauma By Lois Elfman The seeds for Kimberly Watson’s career as a licensed social worker were planted on one of the most tragic days in American history, Sept. 11, 2001. A freshman at Long Island University, the morning of 9/11, when she neared campus she saw what looked like a mushroom cloud in the sky. Things were a bit chaotic when she arrived at class. Five minutes after starting her lecture, the professor stopped and said school was being cancelled. At that point, the details of the planes hitting the World Trade Center were coming out. “I went out into the street,” Watson recalls. “I saw people coming over the bridge on foot covered in dust. I saw a little boy with dust and blood all over him. One woman was screaming uncontrollably. Myself and others from the school were giving out water to people and trying to get people to Brooklyn Hospital. “Some people went home, but I couldn’t leave,” she continues. “I had to figure out a way to help.” After two years at LIU, Watson made “one of the best decisions I ever made” to transfer to St. Francis College. With its smaller classes and personal touch SFC was just what she needed. A psychology major, she says faculty member Dr. Steven Anolik played a crucial role in guiding her to a career in social work. She appreciates how he and other faculty got to know each student as individuals. “Dr. Anolik invited someone from NYU Silver School of Social Work to talk to us about options after we graduated with our B.A. in psych,” says Watson. After some further investigation about what a career in social work could entail, she applied to NYU for a [Read More…]

15 12, 2020

Cover Story: Richard Wagner ’70

Richard Wagner ’70 Commitment to Community By Lois Elfman When Richard P. Wagner looks back on his time as a student at St. Francis College, he has a sense of appreciation for the respect shown to immigrants and the children of immigrants. His father was from Germany and his mother, while born in the U.S., was raised in a Polish household. Educated at Catholic schools since childhood, he recalls a nun asking him to recite Our Father, but he only knew it in Polish. “I quickly learned how to say Our Father in English,” says Wagner. Wagner was a bit older than the average freshman when he arrived at St. Francis. It was the 1960s and there was a draft. Instead of waiting to be called, he enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps, serving from 1963–66. He was with the Second Marine Division, which was based out of Camp Lejeune in North Carolina and served the Mediterranean area in Europe. “I got to go to Portugal, Spain, Italy, and France,” he says. “My last year and a half, they transferred me to the supply center…in Albany, Georgia.” When his military service was done, college quickly followed. “I got out of the Marine Corps on a Thursday and I started classes on Monday,” he says. Schooled at Franciscan schools since the fourth grade, SFC was a good fit for him. The small class size was also a significant reason for picking the college. There were some tensions related to the Vietnam War, and veterans didn’t get the respect they do today, but the quality of his professors offset those issues. “Availability to get some extra instruction was good,” says Wagner. Military veterans found each other and formed their own supportive group. They even had a representative from [Read More…]

15 12, 2020

Cover Story: Patrick Timlin ’79

Patrick Timlin ’79 Building Community Through Communication By Lois Elfman This former New York Police Department (NYPD) Deputy Commissioner of Operations is now focused on trying to foster meaningful dialogue between police departments and communities. Using the broad range of professional experience that Patrick Timlin has amassed in the four decades since he graduated from St. Francis College, he is working to create deeper understanding and more collaboration. After attending New York City Catholic schools for K–12, Timlin applied to several local Catholic colleges. The oldest of seven kids, going away to college was not an option. Neighborhood friends had attended SFC and he visited the college several times and liked what he saw. “I studied business management, which I found very interesting,” Timlin says. “I’ve always been a people person. I was active in team sports and I liked teamwork. I grew to love building teams and managing people. I always had an interest in leadership. I studied leaders and I thought a business management degree would give me a broad enough experience that I could do a lot of different things with it. I’m very grateful that I did because it worked out exactly that way.” During his college years, there were a few key people that took an interest mentoring him. One of them was Brother George, who Timlin remembers greeting students as they arrived in the morning. “The Franciscan spirit truly informed the core culture at St. Francis College,” says Timlin. “I remember being encouraged to expand my horizons, such as taking electives I wouldn’t normally take. … To go to a college that was small enough, but big enough to get a good education, I felt very privileged.” The year after graduating SFC, Timlin joined the NYPD, serving for 22 years. [Read More…]

15 12, 2020

Cover Story: Abraham Oxilas, MS, PA-C ’15

Abraham Oxilas, MS, PA-C ’15 Caring for the Most Vulnerable By Lois Elfman The Franciscan mission of St. Francis College was ingrained in Abraham Oxilas, MS, PA-C, before he ever set foot on campus. A graduate of St. Francis Preparatory School in Queens, the transition to SFC, which his older sister also attended, felt pretty natural. “The whole idea of St. Francis is the idea of hospitality,” says Oxilas, an emergency medicine physician assistant (PA). “I try with every single patient encounter that I have to treat them not only how I want to be treated, but how I treat my own family or how I’d want them to be treated if they go to an emergency room or even a clinic.” His first science course in college was anatomy and physiology with Dr. Amulya Mohan. It was interesting and Mohan really engaged Oxilas as a student. As he continued to take science courses, he began to fall more in love with the idea of medicine and treating the human body. Ultimately, Oxilas decided to major in biology. “I knew medical school was an option, but I decided to pivot,” says Oxilas. “I started to talk to the guidance counselors and found out what the PA profession was. That sounded better in terms of career choice for me.” Many PA master’s degree programs require some healthcare experience. Oxilas earned his NYS-EMT (emergency medical technician) certification in emergency medicine at St. John’s University the summer after his junior year at St. Francis. Shortly after graduation, he began working as an EMT. “It was a company (SeniorCare Emergency Medical Services) that did non-emergency and emergency transport services, so I got to go to a lot of different hospitals and interact with a lot of different professions,” says Oxilas. [Read More…]

15 12, 2020

Cover Story: Nicole Madrazo ’19

Nicole Madrazo ’19 Helping New New Yorkers Enter the World By Lois Elfman It’s been exhausting few months for Nicole Madrazo, a clinical nurse in the labor and delivery unit at Mount Sinai Hospital. While the demands on New York City hospitals surged due to COVID-19, typical life events like childbirth went on as usual. Part of Madrazo’s job is to make expectant mothers feel well cared for and supported, and calling on the Franciscan mission of hospitality, she did not waver. “I was also influenced by my grandmother, a strict Catholic,” she says. “I’ve always been a caring person, empathetic to others and loving. Giving this kind of genuine service to the community is my purpose in life. “I’m very glad that my unit has very strong teamwork,” she adds. “We have our own patients that we take care of, but we do our best to help each other.” Madrazo came to St. Francis College in 2016 as a transfer student after beginning her nursing studies at a CUNY institution. Her interest in SFC was initially sparked by a poster in the subway. When she visited the college, she found everyone to be welcoming. “The environment was bright and when I was talking to the people in the nursing department, their smiles just captured me and I had to enroll,” she says. “When I got into the nursing program at St. Francis, the professors were very helpful. They insisted we ask questions about anything and everything and never made us feel like we were bothering them.” Clinical adjunct instructor Frederika Pierre guided Madrazo’s path into labor and delivery. Madrazo was a student nurse intern in that section at Mount Sinai in 2018. One of the big draws to labor and delivery is the general happiness [Read More…]

15 12, 2020

Cover Story: Service in the Franciscan Tradition

Nicole Madrazo ’19Helping New New Yorkers Enter the WorldIt’s been exhausting few months for Nicole Madrazo, a clinical nurse in the labor and delivery unit at Mount Sinai Hospital. While the demands on New York City hospitals surged due to COVID-19, typical life events like childbirth went on as usual. Part of Madrazo’s job is to make expectant mothers feel well cared for and supported, and calling on the Franciscan mission of hospitality, she did not waver. [Read More…] Abraham Oxilas, MS, PA-C ’15Caring for the Most VulnerableThe Franciscan mission of St. Francis College was ingrained in Abraham Oxilas, MS, PA-C, before he ever set foot on campus. A graduate of St. Francis Preparatory School in Queens, the transition to SFC, which his older sister also attended, felt pretty natural. [Read More…] Patrick Timlin ’79 Building Community Through Communication This former New York Police Department (NYPD) Deputy Commissioner of Operations is now focused on trying to foster meaningful dialogue between police departments and communities. Using the broad range of professional experience that Patrick Timlin has amassed in the four decades since he graduated from St. Francis College, he is working to create deeper understanding and more collaboration. [Read More…] Richard Wagner ’70 Commitment to Community When Richard P. Wagner looks back on his time as a student at St. Francis College, he has a sense of appreciation for the respect shown to immigrants and the children of immigrants. His father was from Germany and his mother, while born in the U.S., was raised in a Polish household. Educated at Catholic schools since childhood, he recalls a nun asking him to recite Our Father, but he only knew it in Polish. [Read More…] Kimberly Watson, LMSW ’07 Helping Kids Overcome Trauma The seeds for [Read More…]

4 12, 2020

Giving Tuesday Raises $155,000+ for the Fund for St. Francis

Giving Tuesday Raises $155,000+ for the Fund for St. Francis The Terrier family once again demonstrated its Franciscan values of kindness and generosity, coming together to raise more than $155,000 for St. Francis College for this year's December 1st Giving Tuesday campaign. As of December 4th, 2020, more than 175 Giving Tuesday donors (known as “believers”) provided $159,532.13 for the Fund for St. Francis, the College’s annual fundraising campaign. The money goes towards SFC’s operating costs, helping bridge the gap between tuition dollars collected and the expenses required to run the College each year. Among the Giving Tuesday believers are two anonymous alumni who matched gifts up to $50,000 total. A legacy contribution from John “Jack” Jordan ’59 stewarded and shared by his family turned that from a 2-1 match to a 3-1 match. “Thank you is never enough for our believers, who continue to lend their helping hands during this most challenging time,” said Kristen Anderson, SFC’s Director of Engagement and Annual Giving. “The altruism of our community ensures we support Terriers we serve and those who follow. We are humbly grateful to all those who gave and continue to give.” On Giving Tuesday, St. Francis College also announced four students who each received $1,000 as winners of the Investors Bank Service Award in recognition of their selfless service to the College community and others. They are: Amr Eldesouky ’22 AnnaMaria Leal ’21 Valentina Papeo ’21 Tehilla Seuraj ’24 Giving Tuesday is an annual, global movement created in 2012 as a simple idea: a day that encourages people to do good. Over the past nine years, this idea has inspired hundreds of millions of people to celebrate and champion philanthropic generosity around the world. 2020 marks the sixth year St. Francis College has taken part. The College set a [Read More…]

1 12, 2020

In Memoriam—We Remember

In Memoriam—We Remember Requiescant in Pacem. The following alumni and friends of St. Francis College have recently passed away. We pray for the repose of their souls. Alumni and Employees Walter Adamushko ’57 William P. Ahern ’80 Felicita E. Alvarez ’80 Christine Vezo Bertolozzi ’89 Dominick J. Brancato ’72 Pearl L. Branch ’77 Thomas G. Bruce, Ph.D. ’68 Joseph J. Buonomo ’64 Michael R. Canarozzi ’64 Bro. Marcel Carden ’66 Thomas J. Casey ’52 Anthony S. Cassino ’66 Vincent A. D’Angelo ’65 Dr. Francis A. de Caro ’63 Patrick M. Degennaro ’89 Denise A. Duggan ’77 Robert F. Dunn ’71 Major Martin Fazio, USAF (Ret.) ’50 John A. Ferguson ’62 Joseph Ferris ’56 Reverend Monsignor William J. Flood ’53 Salvatore T. Graziano ’52 Charles Howell Harris ’63 Simon P. Ho ’63 Paula A. Hoera ’78 Helen R. John ’97 Daniel T. Kane ’67 John E. Kelleher, Jr. ’70 Gerard T. Kick ’69 Kathleen Kross ’78 Paul L. Magnano, CLU, CHFC ’72 John P. Mahon ’43 Thomas J. Mason, Esq. 61 Daniel John McCarthy ’59 Sr. Eleanor A. McDonnell, CSJ ’66 John Milewski ’61 Mark W. Mooney ’59 John E. O’Connor ’67 Joe E. Pahl ’72 John T. Passantino ’68 John Michael Prenderville ’62 Sr. Kathleen Quinn ’72 Lt. Cmdr. Donald L. Raymond ’57 Robert B. Reavey ’67 Reverend Michael P. Risolo ’59 John P. Rodeschin ’64 Ernesto J. Rosado Toro ’87 Ernest T. Rossiello, Esq. ’65 Albert J. Ryczak ’67 Salvatore J. Scotto ’54 Robert J. Snyder ’67 Mary Keane Spiess ’77 Andrew E. Steck ’63 Ronald D. Stevens Kathleen Cadden Tomaszewski ’90 John R. Wagnes ’61 George A. Wahlert ’76 Bruce Zuccaro ’86 Parents Kevin P. Brooks Helen Williams Friends of St. Francis College Arlene [Read More…]

1 12, 2020

Class Notes

Class News Have some news to share? Share it with us! Email terrier@sfc.edu. Al Benkert ’62 has recently transitioned to a Real Estate broker after retiring from a long career as an IT Executive. Residing in Vero Beach, FL, Al and his wife Barbara recently celebrated their fourth wedding anniversary after being married in FIJI. He is also a Trainer at Tony Robbins Seminars in his free time. William Dempsey ’63 joined the USAF after graduation, leaving as Captain. Soon after he joined Howard Hughes Nevada Operations as Systems Analyst, leaving after nine years as General Manager Technical Services. William Earned a Master’s degree at UNLV and went on to start his own software company in 1977, retiring in 2011. Post-retirement he became a private pilot accumulating 2,000 hours. As a Kiwanis member for 44 years, he has been an active force in helping children and changing lives. Mike Davino ’68 retired after 16 years as Superintendent of Schools, Springfield, N.J., following 30 years in New York State and New York City public schools. A member of the Terrier’s Knickerbocker Baseball Conference, 1965/1966 Champs and the Metropolitan Baseball Conference Champs, 1967/1968. An active member in Student Government during his time at St. Francis, Mike received his MA in Education from Michigan State University in 1970, before starting a 45 plus year career in coaching and public education. Dominik Rohe ’97, Managing Director, is Head of Latin America and responsible for all of BlackRock's activities across the region. He is a member of the Global Operating Committee, the International Executive Committee, the Global Client Executive Committee and chairs the Latin America Executive Committee. Before assuming his current role, Mr. Rohe was Country Head of Australia and [Read More…]

19 11, 2020

Dr. Sandy Westcott

Retiring Faculty Dr. Sandy Westcott: Bringing Dimension to Technology By Lois Elfman Soon after Dr. Sandy Westcott began teaching at St. Francis College on February 14, 2000, as an adjunct professor, she felt a shift in her life. While she loved her career at AT&T, where over the course of 17 years she worked as a software developer, systems analyst, quality analyst, systems tester and project manager, she realized something was missing. Teaching gave her the joy of giving back and making a difference in the lives of future IT (information technology) professionals. Seeing students achieve those “aha moments” when they grasped a concept and completed assignments convinced her to change course. Within two months of teaching at SFC, she decided to leave the corporate world and work at St. Francis full-time teaching management & information technology and project management. Now, life has come full circle. In 2019, she relocated to Savannah, Georgia, and is once again an adjunct for St. Francis, now teaching online. She misses the face-to-face interactions with students, but is grateful that the connection is ongoing. How did you bring your extensive experience at AT&T to your students? Dr. Sandy Westcott SW: First and foremost, as we were studying textbook material, I would always interject stories and my experiences to illustrate how the principles, concepts and theories that they were learning were actually applied to real world situations. I would also invite guest speakers who were working in the industry to come to the classes. I had a lot of artifacts that I created in the corporate world that I would bring in and show them, so they could actually see that what they were learning was relevant to jobs they may have in the future. Particularly in project management, I would have students work [Read More…]

19 11, 2020

Frank M. Sorrentino, Ph.D.

Retiring Faculty Frank M. Sorrentino, Ph.D.: Informing Students About Politics and Governance By Lois Elfman Despite not being in the classroom, Dr. Frank M. Sorrentino has been quite busy over the past few months. His latest book, Presidential Power and the American Political System, has garnered a lot of attention and made him a sought after guest on radio talk shows. He is called upon to give his analysis of American politics, international politics, constitutional law, bureaucracy and the powers of bureaucracy Sorrentino brought those insights into St. Francis College classrooms for 42 years, teaching political science, economics and history. The child of Italian immigrants, he felt a connection with the students and sought to reflect the college’s mission of service and hospitality. He’s currently working on his ninth book, staying in touch with SFC alumni and preparing to return to in-person lectures when those become possible. Sorrentino is open to teaching a course when there is a return to the classroom, noting the vibrant exchange with students was always a pleasure. For now, people can stay up-to-date with him on his website, drfrankmsorrentino.com. Are you disappointed not to be teaching in this election year? Frank M. Sorrentino, Ph.D. FS: One of the things I would always say is that within the course of the semester there’d be some fantastic, some interesting, some heartwarming and some frightening events. That was the beauty of teaching political science. It was always enjoyable to be able to analyze events as they were occurring and be able to test the theories that we discussed. What has it been like opening the eyes of undergraduates to the political system, the workings of our country and some of the nuances of governance? FS: That was always the purpose and the mission that I had set [Read More…]

19 11, 2020

Dr. Miriam Salholz

Retiring Faculty Dr. Miriam Salholz: Sharing global perspective By Lois Elfman Dr. Miriam Salholz doesn’t use the word “retired” to describe her classroom teaching days at St. Francis College coming to an end. Throughout her life and professional career, she has embraced interesting challenges and been unafraid to explore new territory. In her 15 years at St. Francis College, she has taught business law and created interdisciplinary courses and seminars, including The Law of Death and Dying, Women and the Law, Law in U.S. Culture, International Business Law, Civil Rights and Human Rights, and Sports and the Law. In addition to earning a Juris Doctor, Salholz also achieved the LL.M. in International Legal Studies. She spent more than a decade in Paris as senior counsel for a French multinational corporation while continuing to teach in Athens and Paris, and she has organized law courses around the world. Salholz has also held faculty positions at Houston Law Center, Fordham University School of Law and Seton Hall University School of Law. Last July, she was named an academic member of the Athens Institute for Education and Research, for which she is organizing a small symposium on global legal education. While the spring semester at SFC was her last as a full-time faculty member, Salholz did take the online certification course and may share her incredible experiences and vivid stories with SFC students online in the future. How did teaching aspects of the law to undergraduates intrigue and inspire you in a different way than teaching law students? Dr. Miriam Salholz MS: The key difference is that the law students wanted to be in my course in particular because I taught a course called International Business Transactions (IBT). That was not a required course, so the students who took that course wanted [Read More…]

19 11, 2020

Dr. Richard Giaquinto

Retiring Faculty Dr. Richard Giaquinto: Teaching Future Teachers By Lois Elfman When Dr. Richard Giaquinto, professor in the department of education, came to St. Francis College, he had already had a three-decade career in education as an English teacher and administrator in the NYC public schools. Although he had dedicated his life to education, he felt an even greater sense of purpose from the moment he sat down for an interview with the late Dr. Frank J. Macchiarola, former NYC school chancellor and president of SFC from 1996–2008. “He saw something in me that I don’t think I was aware of,” says Giaquinto. “He was a true Franciscan. He embodied that tradition. No matter where you saw him, you knew he believed in the mission of the college.” The Franciscan mission aligned with Giaquinto’s own beliefs about education and for 20 years he reveled in teaching and training SFC students to be teachers. Since retiring, he’s been writing his memoir, playing music, and enjoying time with family. What was it like teaching future teachers? Dr. Richard Giaquinto RG: It was an honor to do it, but it was challenging because I really wanted to make sure my kids were prepared for something that was extremely difficult. My job was to be honest with them and to explain to them—in addition to the methods that I taught—what it’s really like and what I went through. I spent a great deal of time planning, reading and making sure that I was up on current theory. How did you work with them to be conscious of bias and be sure it doesn’t enter the classroom? RG: I always spoke to them about knowing who they were. Your culture, whatever you grew up with, that’s what you are familiar with. You can’t expect [Read More…]

19 11, 2020

Suzanne Forsberg, Ph.D.

Retiring Faculty Suzanne Forsberg, Ph.D.: Music to our Ears Dr. Forsberg leaves a musical legacy to St. Francis College, retiring this year following 30 years as a full-time faculty member and another 15 as an adjunct faculty member. During her SFC career, Dr. Forsberg served nine years as chair of the Department of Foreign Languages, Fine Arts, and International Culture Studies. She was the founder and artistic director of the musical series Concerts at Half-Past Twelve, which featured lunchtime concerts from renowned musicians across the United States. It celebrated its twentieth anniversary in 2020. Dr. Forsberg also helped develop the curriculum for the minor in music the College now offers. In 2017, Dr. Forsberg co-curated an art exhibition in Founders Hall, entitled “Churches of Venice,” based upon on-site Venetian photographs. A true music aficionado, Dr. Forsberg’s academic interests focused on eighteenth-century symphonies and concertos. In addition, she worked on the music of Johann Sebastian Bach and sons, the music of Joseph Haydn and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, and the piano works of Frédéric Chopin. She serves on the Board of the Haydn Society of North America. How has St. Francis College changed during your years with the institution? Suzanne Forsberg, Ph.D. SF: Every president has brought about changes and perhaps the most significant occurred with President Macchiarola. The older library building was replaced with the new academic center, which was dedicated to Frank and Mary Macchiarola. He was also responsible for the Genovesi Center. The student body changed as well. There are fewer Italian and Irish students coming from parochial schools. There are more students from public schools. There have been changes in the curriculum. The core was replaced with general educationn. Over the course of your career, what events at SFC stand out as most memorable to you? SF: The changing [Read More…]

19 11, 2020

Dr. Timothy Dugan

Retiring Faculty Dr. Timothy Dugan: The Art of Communication By Lois Elfman Over the course of 20 years at St. Francis College, Dr. Timothy Dugan has expanded the minds of students by introducing them to different types of theater and heightening their awareness of the impact of writing. In addition to chairing the Department of Communication Arts, he helped transform the Speech and Theater program to Performance Studies, for which he offers thanks to Professor Kate Grant, who contributed greatly to the program. Dugan came to SFC with a wealth of experience in experimental theater venues in New York City, including Ensemble Studio Theater, the Irish Arts Centre, Circle Rep Lab, Primary Stages, and Joseph Papp’s New York Shakespeare Festival. These past two decades, Dugan helped St. Francis students learn how to be more effective communicators, which included moderating the annual Delaney Speech Contest and co-founding the SFC chapter of Lambda Pi Eta (communications honor society). What has it been like exposing young people to writing? TD: We have a unique course at St. Francis College in the Communication Arts department called Writing for Performance, which is different from playwrighting, screenwriting and creative writing. Writing for Performance encompasses any type of writing that’s meant to be up on its feet. It can be monologues, dialogue. It’s for the Communication Arts major who embraces the idea that someday they might have to write for a performance. I have an exercise I do at the beginning of every class. I ask the students to discuss anything that they’ve experienced over the week in the media in terms of writing. From any media, any medium. I ask them to talk about the writing. Is there anything special about the writing that interested you? We do that for about a half hour for every class [Read More…]

19 11, 2020

Faculty Notes

Faculty Notes December 2020 Victoria Ruiz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Biology, was among the leading authors in two publications that were published in peer-reviewed scientific journals. This work focused on the effects of early-life antibiotic treatment on host microbial communities and its impact on colitis and enteric infections: A Single Early-In-Life Antibiotic Course Increases Susceptibility To DSS-Induced Colitis (Ozkul, Ceren; Ruiz, Victoria E; Battaglia, Thomas; Xu, Joseph; Roubaud-Baudron, Claire; Cadwell, Ken; Perez-Perez, Guillermo I; Blaser, Martin J Genome Medicine. 2020 07 25; 12(1):65) Long-Term Effects Of Early-Life Antibiotic Exposure On Resistance To Subsequent Bacterial Infection (Roubaud-Baudron, Claire; Ruiz, Victoria E; Swan, Alexander M; Vallance, Bruce A; Ozkul, Ceren; Pei, Zhiheng; Li, Jackie; Battaglia, Thomas W; Perez-Perez, Guillermo I; Blaser, Martin J) Additionally, Dr. Ruiz organized the What CanYou Be With Your Science Degree symposium in November 2019. This conference showed current SFC students the career opportunities available to them in the sciences, while introducing them to various professional development modalities. The symposium attracted more than 150 students and included a panel of respected SFC alumni and additional doctors, scientists, and allied health professionals as speakers. John Dilyard, Ph.D., Professor, Management & Information Technology, presented on “What Makes a City Sustainable: The Importance of Stakeholder and Community Engagement” at the International Conference on Sustainable Development, Columbia University, September 24, 2019; presented on “The Production-Consumption Dilemma: What It Is and What To Do About It,” at the International Conference on Sustainable Development, Columbia University, September 24, 2019; created and chaired a panel, “Can MNEs Be a Force for Good?: Lessons from History” for the 2019 European International Business Academy conference at the University of Leeds, Leeds, UK, December 13-15, 2019; Created, chaired and presented in a panel, “The Role of International Marketing in Encouraging Responsible Production [Read More…]

15 11, 2020

Alumni Spotlight: Peter J. Callahan ’63

Alumni Spotlight Peter J. Callahan ’63 A Spot in the Winners Circle Peter J. Callahan ’63 Throughout his youth, Peter J. Callahan ’63 enjoyed participating in team sports like football and baseball. Despite social distancing, 2020 proved to be the year that he found himself on a spectacularly winning team as the owner of Swiss Skydiver, winner of the Preakness Stakes on October 3, 2020. “Racing horses is like competing vicariously through the horses,” he says. “If you have a competitive instinct in you, especially for sports, you never shake it.” Growing up in Astoria, Queens, some of Callahan’s childhood friends had relatives who bet on horse races, so as a kid he was often surrounded by talk of horses. After graduating from St. Francis College, he attended business school at Columbia University. Master’s degree in hand, he went to work at an accounting firm, Peat Marwick (now KPMG). Once or twice a month, Callahan and some of his colleagues would go to either Roosevelt Raceway or Yonkers Raceway. “My interest in horses began to grow from a betting and recreational point of view,” he says. By the late 1980s, Callahan owned his own company and did a lot of business with someone he considered a mentor. One day over breakfast, the man said they should go into business owning a few racehorses. “I decided I liked it a lot, so when he wasn’t in it, I was in it on my own. I’ve been racing horses for about 30 years,” Callahan says. “It’s very exciting.” He found Swiss Skydiver at an auction in Kentucky when his trainer told him about a filly by a new sire, Daredevil. They liked the filly, born in March 2017, and there was an opportunity to buy her at what, by horse [Read More…]

10 11, 2020

Accounting Spotlight: Minnie Chiu, CPA, ’17, MS Accounting

Accounting Spotlight Minnie Chiu, CPA, ’17, MS Accounting Senior Tax Associate, International Tax Group, KPMG The accounting education Minnie Chiu received at St. Francis College proved to be a launch pad to the global lifestyle she craved. Moving to the United States from China as a teenager, Minnie graduated from high school in Boston. She then joined her parents in New York City, where she attended Baruch College, earning a BS in Accounting. Minnie began exploring stand-alone MS Accounting programs primarily to earn the academic credits required to take the CPA exam. She wanted a small program where she could have personal interaction with her professors. Those two criteria converged at St. Francis College. After earning her degree in 2017, Minnie accepted a full-time job offer from KPMG. Along with PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), EY (Ernst & Young), and Deloitte, KPMG is one of the world’s largest accounting firms, known collectively as the “Big Four.” Jobs at Big Four firms are considered from the industry’s most prestigious, and St. Francis College has a long track record placing its graduates in positions there. After working for one year in KPMG’s New York City office, Minnie is now on a rotation assignment working in the firm’s London office, fulfilling a dream to travel and see the world while pursuing a fulfilling accounting career. Minnie reflected on her St. Francis College education and her professional path after.   How did you choose St. Francis College? I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in accounting in 2010 from one of the most well-known accounting programs in New York City, right after the recession. I worked in another industry for a couple of years before I decided to go back to accounting. I wanted to pursue a master’s degree so I could get enough credits to take the [Read More…]

10 11, 2020

Accounting Spotlight: Jeffrey Taveras CPA ’10, BS/MS Accounting

Accounting Spotlight Jeffrey Taveras CPA ’10, BS/MS Accounting Director, Asset and Wealth Management, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Jeffrey Taveras began his accounting journey while in high school, but St. Francis College put it into high gear. Born in New York City, Jeffrey and his family returned to the Dominican Republic when he was two, remaining there for the next 15 years. After moving back to New York, Jeffrey completed his senior year at Monsignor McClancy Memorial High School in Elmhurst, Queens. The Brothers at his Catholic school introduced Jeffrey, who was uncertain at that time about his educational path, to St. Francis College. “I went to see the school one day and really loved it,” Jeffrey recounted. “I was hooked from there.” Jeffrey flourished in the accounting department, receiving a prestigious National Grid scholarship and interning at that company for more than two years while a SFC student. Immediately after earning his master’s, Jeffrey started work at PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), one of the four biggest accounting firms in the world, commonly referred to as the “Big Four.” He’s been at PwC his entire post-SFC career, in increasingly more senior roles. Jeffrey is among the many SFC accounting department alumni who thrive in Big Four jobs, some of the most coveted in the profession. Jeffrey recently reflected on his career and the role of St. Francis College in it.   Did you start SFC knowing you’d major in accounting? In high school, I took an accounting class, and I liked it. I thought it was interesting. So that’s where my path started. But when I got to St. Francis, I hadn’t fully decided on accounting. I wanted something related to the field of finance. Everyone I spoke with said accounting is a good starting point. They said take one or two accounting classes and [Read More…]

10 11, 2020

Accounting Spotlight: Igor Mladenovic ’15, BS/MS Accounting

Accounting Spotlight Igor Mladenovic ’15, BS/MS Accounting Manager, Capital Markets, EY Consulting St. Francis College provided Igor Mladenovic the opportunity to follow his passions in the water and in the corporate world. The Serbian native was part of the stand-out St. Francis College water polo team while pursuing his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in accounting. Immediately after graduation in 2015, Igor began his career at EY (Ernst & Young), one of the world’s four biggest accounting firms (known as the Big Four). He is among the many SFC accounting alumni forging successful Big Four careers. Headquartered in London, EY has about 300,000 employees in 700 offices across 150 countries. Igor is now Manager in EY Consulting Group, having moved divisions and risen the ranks during his five-years-and-counting with the company. His group focuses on driving profit and cost cutting, regulatory readiness and strategic transformation for clients within the capital markets industry Igor recently reflected on his SFC career and his professional journey after.   Where are you from originally? I’m from Belgrade, Serbia, like vast numbers of my teammates/alumni on the [SFC] water polo team. I moved to the United States intending to compete on the highest level of water polo while simultaneously pursuing excellent education; therefore, SFC college was a no brainer for me. It is a known fact that SFC is regarded for its academic and also water polo success. Did you start SFC knowing you’d major in accounting? Not at all. I knew I’d do something related to finance or business. My first year I was really exploring and researching the best majors for me. I was also focused on perfecting English as my second language. A few of my teammates were accounting majors, and they had very good internships. I heard it was a challenging, tough [Read More…]

10 11, 2020

Accounting Spotlight: Idalizza Berrios ’15, BS/MS Accounting

Accounting Spotlight Idalizza Berrios ’15, BS/MS Accounting Manager, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) Idalizza Berrios is one of St. Francis College’s many graduates who began working at a “Big Four” accounting firm immediately after earning an SFC accounting degree. The Big Four—Deloitte, EY (Ernst & Young), KPMG and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC)—are the world’s largest accounting firms and considered some of the most prestigious employers in the field. St. Francis College has a long, successful track record placing its accounting students in jobs there. In Idalizza’s case, her professional journey is a non-traditional path that led to her current position at PwC, where she has worked since completing her SFC education in 2015. Over five years, she has advanced there to become a manager in the audit department. Idalizza started her higher education at a CUNY school more than 20 years ago and enrolled as a transfer student at SFC in 2012. A former small-business owner, Idalizza worked full-time while attending SFC classes in the evenings. A graduate of Manhattan Center for Science and Math, Idalizza grew up in Spanish Harlem before eventually settling in Brooklyn Heights just blocks from the St. Francis College campus. She recently reflected on her professional journey and the role of St. Francis College in it.   How did you choose St. Francis College? I actually started at a CUNY school [in 1998] and then I took a break [from college]. I have a really good friend who went to St. Francis and just never stopped talking about it. I moved to Brooklyn Heights, and I met [SFC accounting professors] Dr. [Geoffrey] Horlick and John Lombardo and I thought immediately: this [St. Francis College] is where I’m going. So that was it. I was there for three years, and it was the best three years of my life. I’m so [Read More…]

10 11, 2020

Accounting Spotlight: Grissell Bautista ’18, BS/MS Accounting

Accounting Spotlight Grissell Bautista ’18, BS/MS Accounting Tax Senior, Deloitte When she entered college, Grissell Bautista envisioned a life for herself that would allow her to remain close to her tight-knit Brooklyn family while embarking on a career that soared. St. Francis College provided exactly that. A graduate of the Murry Bergtraum High School For Business Careers in Manhattan, the native of Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn enrolled at SFC looking for a field of study that would fulfill her professional ambitions and provide a solid foundation to help her family. She chose accounting and never looked back. Grissell now works at Deloitte, her first and only employer since earning her degree. Deloitte is a “Big Four” accounting firm meaning that, along with PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), KMPG and EY (Ernst & Young), it’s one of the world’s largest. Big Four jobs are considered some of the most prestigious in the accounting field, and SFC has a long, successful track record of placing its graduates in those companies. Grissell reflected on her experience at SFC and the path she forged after.   How did you choose to attend St. Francis College? I’m the first generation in my family to go to college and I’m very family oriented. I wanted to commute to college. A good friend told me about St. Francis, and once I looked into it—that it was located near the [Brooklyn Heights] Promenade—I fell in love. It gave me memories about when I was little, my parents would take me to the Promenade. Then I saw that they had a five-year accounting program. That was it. Why accounting? I knew that accounting was a stable and rewarding career. Was there a course at SFC that played a big role in your accounting journey? The first accounting course, elementary accounting, solidified my decision. When I [Read More…]

7 11, 2020

Terrier for Terrier Emergency Relief Fund

The Terrier For Terrier Emergency Relief Fund The Terrier For Terrier Emergency Relief Fund (TFTERF) provides critical resources to those in the St. Francis College family who have been impacted by natural disasters or unprecedented situations such as the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The safety, well-being, and education of our students and teaching community remain our top priority. For those who wish to help during these unprecedented times, your gift will support online learning tools and instruction, room, board and travel assistance, and other unexpected expenses. [Data above as of 12/10/2020.] Donate to the Terrier for Terrier Emergency Relief Fund Yvonne Riley-Tepie, Ed.D. “In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, TD launched the Community Resilience Initiative, leveraging philanthropy, employees, and business together to support strengthening community resilience as our customers, colleagues and communities confronted the pandemic.  We are proud to support St. Francis College in providing relief to students impacted by COVID-19 as part of our commitment to our community's recovery from the pandemic.” Yvonne Riley-Tepie, Ed.D. Vice President, Senior Regional Giving Manager, Office of Charitable and Community Giving, TD Charitable Foundation Ralph C. Bumbaca “We understand the challenges our young adults are experiencing during this extraordinary time, and our support is needed now more than ever. The TFTERF will help address these concerns while continuing the mission of SFC and we at TD have been and will continue to be a resource to the SFC community.” Ralph C. Bumbaca NYC Market President, TD Bank “The Terrier for Terrier money went a long way during that time. It went towards housing costs, living expenses, food. It went a long way.” Nikolas Carneglia-Lupola ’21 BA/MA, Applied Behavioral Psychology Donate to the Terrier for Terrier Emergency Relief Fund

6 11, 2020

SFC Celebrates Its First-Generation Students

St. Francis College Celebrates Its First-Generation Students St. Francis College salutes the hundreds of its students who are among the first in their families to attend college, as SFC took part in the National First-Generation College Celebration on November 8, 2020. “One of the principal characteristics of our students is that so many are first-gen, representing the best of our nation’s promise of opportunity and advancement,” said Rob Oliva, Director of Recruitment in SFC’s Office of Admissions. A first-generation college graduate, Oliva earned a BA in Political Science and Government from SFC in 2004. “We join with colleges across the country in applauding not only our own students but the millions of students everywhere who are blazing new trails of educational achievement in their families.” Forty-six percent of St. Francis College’s approximately 2,500 students are first generation*, a number that has remained consistent for at least six years. “First-generation students consistently demonstrate determination and drive that contribute so much to the dynamic, engaged St. Francis College environment,” said Ruben Gonzalez ’04, SFC’s Assistant Dean of Students, who is a first-generation college graduate himself. He earned a BS in Business, Management and Related Support Services from SFC in 2004. “When people ask what makes St. Francis College special, our first-gen students are among the first things I point to. Our work of lifting young people into bright futures is in lockstep with our Franciscan values. It’s a privilege and unique responsibility to serve this group.” Based on its success in enrolling and graduating large proportions of economically disadvantaged students, U.S. News & World Report ranked SFC third in its category on its list of colleges that are top performers for social mobility. Ninety-six percent of SFC’s students receive institutional aid from the College, making SFC one of the most affordable private [Read More…]

19 10, 2020

SFC Enrolls Largest-Ever Freshmen Class, Bucking National Trends

St. Francis College Enrolls Largest-Ever Freshmen Class, Bucking National Trends A testament to its recruitment efforts and student-first academic focus, St. Francis College welcomed its largest, most diverse freshmen class in its history this fall, bucking national trends that saw steep declines in enrollment of first-year college students. “We’re absolutely thrilled that so many new students from such diverse backgrounds dove head-first into a St. Francis College education this year, despite the challenging circumstances we all face,” said Miguel Martinez-Saenz, Ph.D., President of St. Francis College. “Our faculty and staff worked tirelessly to ensure students have the resources, structure and personalized academic experiences they need to thrive. Each of our students is on a path to achieve his or her dreams, and that makes us all so proud.” For the first time in St. Francis College history, an incoming class has exceeded 700 students. A total of 747 students joined SFC as freshmen this fall, up 22 percent from fall 2019’s incoming freshmen cohort of 614. Nationwide, freshmen enrollment dropped 16 percent this fall compared to last, according to data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center. Another 158 students matriculated at St. Francis College as transfers or new graduate students, bringing the total new full- and part-time students to 905, an increase of more than five percent over last year’s new student count. Seventy-three percent of freshmen identify themselves at Black, Hispanic, Asian or from another minority racial or ethnic group, reflecting unprecedented diversity for an incoming class. The entire student body currently numbers 2,735, up more than five percent from 2,597 last fall and more than 13 percent from fall 2018, when 2,413 students enrolled. This bucks national trends that saw overall collegiate attendance dip 3 percent this fall semester compared to last, continuing a national pattern [Read More…]

9 10, 2020

SFC Hosts COVID-19 Testing Day for Terrier Family and Broader Community

St. Francis Colleges Hosts COVID-19 Testing Day for Terrier Family and Broader Community About seventy-five St. Francis College students and employees—along with members of the Brooklyn Heights community—received rapid COVID-19 tests on October 8, 2020, thanks to a collaboration between the College and Brooklyn Health Medical Alliance (BHMA), a full-service urgent care facility, managed by ModernMD, in downtown Brooklyn. Health professionals from BHMA administered nasal-swab tests in an outdoor tent set up on the sidewalk in front of campus. The event was open to anyone who dropped in, and a steady stream lined up for the full four hours that the testing took place. Participants incurred no out-of-pocket costs to receive the rapid COVID-19 Antigen tests, which provide results nearly instantaneously. Linda Werbel and Lenny Singletary “This is an amazing partnership between BHMA and St. Francis College,” said Lenny Singletary, a ModernMD Board Member. “We've seen this pandemic cause a great strain on our Brooklyn community...St. Francis is a leader and a pillar in the community for not only education but making sure that young students are responsible.” St. Francis College requires COVID testing for students living in its residence hall, and for those on its athletic teams or from countries other than the United States. The College strongly encourages all other members of its community to be tested as well. As required, St. Francis College submits to New York State authorities daily COVID test results it collects from students, faculty and staff who have been on its campus or in its residence hall. That data is publicly available. “St. Francis College takes seriously our role as stewards of the health and well-being not only of our own students and employees, but the broader Brooklyn community of which we're so honored to be part,” said Linda Werbel, SFC [Read More…]

18 09, 2020

Terriers In the Spotlight: Johnny Perez ’18, National Religious Campaign Against Torture

Terriers In the Spotlight Terriers In the Spotlight: Johnny Perez ’18, National Religious Campaign Against Torture When USA Today set out to find “the next John Lewis” for its 2020 Leaders of Change feature, the national newspaper looked no further than the St. Francis College community. Johnny Perez ’18, Director of U.S. Prisons Program at the National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT), was named to the list that identifies people “with the ability to rise up and lead the nation through the chaos of today’s civil rights fight.” Johnny Perez '18, Director of U.S. Prisons Program, National Religious Campaign Against Torture (NRCAT) at SFC “It was really an honor and a surprise, because we don’t do this work for recognition,” said Perez, about being among the 20 people singled out by the paper. The list also includes Washington D.C. mayor Muriel Bowser, acclaimed writer Ta-Nehisi Coates and NFL activist Colin Kaepernick. After serving 13 years in prison—including three in solitary confinement—Perez dedicated his life to advocating for individuals who are currently or formerly incarcerated, and to helping put an end to unjust policies and practices embedded in the criminal justice system. On his journey, he received a B.S. in Criminal Justice from St. Francis College as part of the Post-Prison Program, an initiative that enrolls formerly incarcerated women and men at SFC so they can earn degrees here. Perez has remained closely involved with the College even after graduating. He regularly leads panel discussions and lectures open to students, faculty and staff. He curated an interactive exhibit, “Solitary Confinement is Torture,” that simulated the reality of individuals relegated to these often-inhumane scenarios, as part of the Prison, Programs & Reentry Possibilities Conference hosted by the College in November 2018. In his current job, Perez, who came out of [Read More…]

18 09, 2020

SFC Awards Its First MS in Management Degrees

St. Francis College Awards Its First MS in Management Degrees Sixteen students earned St. Francis College’s first Master of Science in Management degrees this spring and summer, making the program the College’s fourth to award graduate degrees. With its inaugural student cohort enrolling in 2018, the MS in Management program provides a curriculum that equips working professionals with knowledge and skills to succeed in management roles in a variety of business and non-profit settings. The eleven courses required in the program are taught either fully online or in a hybrid format—combining some in-person evening instruction with online learning—to accommodate students with full-time jobs. Courses focus on topics related to strategy, decision-making, leadership, and change management. Students also complete a capstone course in which they are part of a team that consults a non-profit organization to help it solve a real business problem. “Because students can enroll either part-time or full-time, our MS in Management lets you keep working while you gain new skills that you can immediately take to the office,” said Marie Segares, St. Francis College Management Professor and Director of the MS in Management program. “Our goal is to move people through the courses in a fast, efficient way that gives them the best opportunity to complete their master’s and kick their career into a higher gear.” David Loutfi MS ’20 Among the first graduating class is David Loutfi, who works as St. Francis College’s Assistant Director of Special Events. According to Loutfi, the program prepared him to better meet the demands of his current position. “The management program exposed me to ideas and strategies to successfully analyze business problems and effectively institute solutions,” said Loutfi. “While I learned business theory, the program was also very rooted in practical, real-world situations. Every day, I apply [Read More…]

17 09, 2020

Constitution Day at SFC

Constitution Day at SFC St. Francis College’s Student Government Association (SGA) reminded the SFC community of the inalienable rights afforded every American citizen, as students passed out United States Constitutions in front of campus on September 17, 2020, in honor of Constitution Day. Junior Amanda Alexandre Commemorating the formation and signing of the U.S. Constitution by thirty-nine men on September 17, 1787, the U.S. Congress officially designated the date in 1952, at that time calling it “Citizenship Day.” In 2004, Congress changed the official name to “Constitution Day and Citizenship Day” and mandated that educational institutions receiving Federal funds hold special programs for students in recognition. St. Francis College traditionally hosts a Constitution Day lecture or discussion featuring at least one guest participant. In the past, invited speakers have included author and historian Thomas Fleming (2010), former New York State Assembly Member Joan Millman (2016), and U.S. Representative Nydia Velázquez (D-NY 7th District) in 2019. This year, the COVID-19 pandemic made an assembly of that sort impossible. Senior Michael Conlon, President of SGA “You’ve got to know what our nation is founded on,” said senior Michael Conlon, President of SGA, as he, along with junior Amanda Alexandre, distributed pocket-sized Constitutions to students arriving on campus. SGA organized the day’s event.” We all need to understand the legal acts that affect our school and our government.” The students also provided passers-by voter registration information, and a representative from the United States Census was on hand with census questionnaires. “We’re trying to ensure that the young adult community is being active and taking part in the politics…I’m glad we’re starting here at St. Francis,” said Alexandre, “I’m glad we’re starting here at St. Francis.”

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