The following pages list alumni, friends, faculty, parents, grandparents, staff, corporations, and foundations who made contributions in the 2019–2020 fiscal year. The generous gifts listed throughout this report represent support to all areas of St. Francis College including the Annual Fund for scholarships, library resources, and athletics.

Honor Roll of Donors:

Leadership Gifts

While gifts of all sizes are gratefully received and carefully stewarded, St. Francis College extends a special thank you to donors listed below for their leadership gifts and for helping to secure leadership donations of $3,000 to $1,000,000 or more.

($1,000,000 and above)

Estate of Catherine E. Clarke +

($100,000 to $999,999)

Tim BT and Diane Cecere V

William D. ’59 and Aimee Maroney XV

Lawrence A. ’72 BT and Karen Marsiello XV

Denis J. ’75 BT and Joanne Salamone XV

Michael Schwerdtman ’81

T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. XV

John F. Tully ’67 BT XV

Fred and Judith A. Wilpon V

Jerry and Jane Wolff XV

($50,000 to $99,999)

Peter J. Callahan ’63 XV

Barbara A. Dugan XV

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund X

Angelo A. Giordano, Esq. ’70 and Dr. Joann DeLeonibus V

Catherine Greene BT X

James I. Konkel, CPA ’57 XV

Thomas and Paula McInerney

John P. Monaghan ’57 +

Roy L. Reardon, Esq. ’51 and Patricia Hynes, Esq.

May Ellen and Gerald Ritter Foundation

Alex and Terri Rohan

Vincent Rohan + X

Vanguard Charitable Endowment X

($25,000 to $49,999)


James Argutto V

Bank of America Charitable Foundation X

BNY Mellon

John and Denise Buran

Carolyn Callahan X

PJ Callahan Foundation, Inc. X

Catholic Foundation for Brooklyn and Queens

Brown Brothers Harriman XV

Peter T. ’70 and Janice Chingos XV

Collins Building Services, Inc. V

Gene E. ’79 BT and Ginna Donnelly V

Patrick J. ’01 and Christina Dugan XV

ExxonMobil Foundation

Flushing Bank V

David E. Haverty ’81 XV

Michael A. ’61 and Catherine J. Henning XV

Patricia Henry

Emily Horowitz, Ph.D. V

Investors Bank V

J.N. Savasta Corp.

KPMG Foundation

William J. ’75 and Geraldine Lovejoy XV

Lorraine M. Lynch ’91 and Arthur Swaine, Jr. XV

Morgan Stanley X

National Grid Foundation

Northfield Bank Foundation

Lester J. and Barbara Owens V

Penn Mutual

Robin Hood Foundation

Herbert V. ’58 and Mary Ryan XV

Joseph and Barri Savasta V

Philip J. Solondz Family Foundation V

TD Charitable Foundation

The Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation, Inc.

($10,000 to $24,999)

Anonymous X

Ayco Charitable Foundation V

Robert J. ’61 and Mary Ball XV

The Benevity Community Impact Fund V

James F. Bozart ’86 and Donald B. Winston XV

Brown Capital Management, LLC

Joseph T. ’68 and Karyn Browne V

Ralph Bumbaca

Nicholas R. Caiazzo, Esq. V

Domenick and Wendy Cama X

Robert B. and Joan Catell XV

Bro. Gregory Cellini, OSF X

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. V

Con Edison Company

Edward W. and Catherine Connolly V

Stephen M. Cronin ’70

Cullen & Dykman X

Cushman & Wakefield

Kenneth D. BT ’88 and Laurie Daly XV

Pasquale C. ’73 and Joann M. DePalma XV

Joseph V. ’70 and Marie Christine DiMauro X

Daniel P. ’68 and Maureen Donovan X

Ernst & Young Foundation V

Fidelity Brokerage Services V

Thomas F. and Eileen Flood X

Alber ’84 and Laura Hot XV

Industry City

Interpacific Group Inc.

Thomas J. Esq. ’69 and Eileen Killeen XV

Barbara G. ’76 BT and Robert Koster X

Walter R. Leong ’81 XV

George Lewis V

Miguel Martinez-Saenz, Ph.D. and Julie Holland

MACRow Foundation V

Joseph J. ’69 and Mary Martingale XV

Joseph M. Esq. and Mary Ann Mattone XV

James F. ’78 and Agnes G. McCue X

Martin P. McNally ’63 XV

Peter J. Michel ’63 XV

Mulvaney Family Foundation V

National Grid XV

The National Italian American Foundation, Inc. X

Michael O’Keeffe X

Walton D. ’83 BT and Donna W. Pearson

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program XV

Edward T. ’68 and Susan Reilly XV

Judy A. ’79 BT and Robert Rice V

Ridgewood Savings Bank XV

John A. Rowinski ’73 and Mary Ann Curnan-Rowinski ’74 X

Lauren Rowinski

Scahill Law Group P.C. V

Louis J. ’71 and Geraldine Scotto

David D. ’64 and Ann Smith XV

Robert G. and Kellie M. Sumberac V

Alfred F. Thoben, CPA ’70 and Inez D’Arcangelo XV

Edward ’70 and Patricia Travaglianti XV

Barbara Tuck V

William P. ’72 and Maureen Tully X

Waldorf Risk Solutions, LLC XV

The Water Club

John B. ’63 and Eileen Zurell XV

($5,000 to $9,999)

Academy Services, Inc. V

Anthony E. ’69 and Rosemarie Amodeo XV

Calvin Baker and Lidia Paz-Baker

Michael J. Beaury ’80 XV

Sean Brady

Joseph J., Esq. ’96 and Marianna Bruno

Frank P. ’67 and Mary Cannistra X

Community Foundation of the Florida Keys

Edward N. ’68 BT and Jo-Ann Constantino XV

James E. Corrigan, Ph.D. ’60 XV

Damascus Bakery, Inc.

Carol T. Decina ’03 V

Deloitte Foundation X

DeSales Media Group, Inc. X

James F. ’69 and Kathleen DeVarso XV

Louis A. DiBella

DiBella Entertainment

John J. Dietl ’58 XV

Michael P. ’81 and Hanne Donovan

Albert G. Doumar ’57 XV

John M. Downing ’59 XV

Patrick J. ’71 and Diane M. Fallon

John and Karen Ferguson V

Michael J. ’62 and Cynthia Gibbons XV

Rev. Msgr. Kieran Harrington V

Daniel M. Healy ’64 V

HeartShare Human Services V

R.J. ’94 and Maria Hinners V

William A. ’66 and Maureen Jandovitz XV

John E. ’77 and Susan Kiely XV

Penelope Kokkinides BT

Mary A. Ledermann XV

Josephine B. Leone ’08 V

Jesus F. ’84 and Noreen M. ’84 Linares XV

John A. Loconsolo V

Victoria Loconsolo Foundation V

Mary T. Macchiarola XV

Michael C. and Jennifer P. Macchiarola

Michael A. ’97 BT and Julia MacIntyre XV

Edward and Marisol Mafoud

Robert D. and Colleen Manfred

J. Christopher ’83 BT and Carol Mangan XV

Victor J. Masi, DO ’89 BT and Teresa Stuto-Masi ’91 XV

Mastercard Worldwide V

Marilyn McAuliffe

John J. ’65 and Maria G. McCabe

Richard W. ’70 and Joyce Merzbacher XV

Terrance J. ’71 and Irene Nolan XV

Nor Gee Real Estate, LLC

John E. ’67 + and Mary Ellen O’Connor XV

John A. ’65 and Denise O’Rourke V

Leonard E. ’65 and Catherine Olen X

Victor L. ’71 and Cheryl Paganucci

Louis G. ’79 and Kathleen Pastina XV

Shepard Poole

Edward R. Quinn ’79

The Lawrence I. and Blanche H. Rhodes Memorial Fund

Rockville Quinn Management LLC

Julian R. Sale

Frank and Tracy Scahill V

Shaub Ahmuty Citrin & Spratt

Robert C. ’66 and Pam Sloane XV

John P. ’64 and Janice Smircich XV

JoAnn C. Stonier, Esq. ’84 XV

Michael T., Esq. ’67 and Rosemary Sullivan XV

TD Bank V

The Fallon Group

Anthony S. Tortorelli ’80 XV

Nicholas L. ’68 and Susan Trivisonno

USAA Federal Saving Bank

The Vanguard Group

Verizon Foundation XV

George ’87 and Elizabeth Vogel X

Thomas J. BT and Anita Volpe XV

Clare Walker XV

Walker Family Fund

William A. Walker

David Zevin

($3,000 to $4,999)

Big Guy Foundation V

Bruce J. and Susan A. Carusi X

John R. Cashin ’68

Patricia K. Cassidy ’83 XV

Catholic Charities Brooklyn & Queens V

George Clark, III

William BT and Imogen B. Cline

Peter Coombe and Betty Chen V

Louis P., Ph.D. and Cathy D’Elia

Orville W. Dale XV

C. Nathan Dee, Esq.

Most Rev. Nicholas DiMarzio XV

August DiRenzo

Donnelly Mechanical HVAC Energy Services

East Coast Energy Foundation

Firequench Inc.

Adelino R. Franquinha

Frank P. ’78 and Teresa Frattini XV

Robert J., CFP ’76 and Karin Genalo V

Gale Gibson-Gayle, Ed.D.

Joseph A. ’79 and Mary Ellen ’79 Giordano V

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation V

Jonathan F. Greene ’58 X

Edward J. ’80 and Madalyn M. ’80 Hanley XV

Dozier Hasty and Nancy Havens-Hasty

Imagine Swimming

Leslie S. Jacobson, Ph.D. BT XV

Peter Kelly ’88 and Frances Kelly V

Matthew J. ’73 and Mary Ellen Krsulich XV

Jennifer M. Lancaster, Ph.D. and Anglica Terepka V

Jack F. LaRock ’71 V

Live Nation Entertainment

Angelo Markatos

Martin Russo PLLC

Peter McMahon

Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation

Bernard P., CPA ’61 and Jane G. Morgan XV

Moritt Hock & Hamroff, LLC.

Thomas P. ’63 and Marion Napier XV

Allen Newman

Eleanor and Alex Nordholm

Joseph ’73 and Fran Nunziata

Joseph A. Nunziata, Jr. ’58 XV

Edward D. ’62 and Anne O’Brien XV

Kevin S. O’Rourke and Eunice Ro XV

Thomas E., Jr. ’57 and Mary Powers XV

Prospect Street Administrators

Samuel M. Rivera, Esq. ’07 and Justina K. Rivera, Esq. ’07

Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn X

Martin P. and Marie Russo

Victor R. ’69 and Diane L. Santoro X

Peter F. ’75 and Mary K. ’77 + Spiess XV

Kalen Stickelman

John F. ’66 and Diane Tiernan XV

William P. Tyson ’67 X

Charles F., Jr. ’68 and Maureen M. Vadala XV

Vanguard Charitable

Voya C/O Frontstream V

Thomas F. ’62 and Rita-May Ward XV

Jerome ’76 and Patricia A. ’83 Williams XV