St. Francis College 2019–2020 Annual
Dream-Maker Report

A Message from Lawrence A. Marsiello ’72, Advancement Committee Chairman
and Thomas F. Flood, Vice President for Advancement

Lawrence A. Marsiello ’72, Advancement Committee Chairman

Lawrence A. Marsiello ’72, Advancement Committee Chairman

Tomas F. Flood, Vice President for Advancement

Tomas F. Flood, Vice President for Advancement

Resolve, Resiliency, and Recognition

There is so much to share in this Dream-Maker Report, we begin with the message your students and their families asked us to share—a resounding, heartfelt THANK YOU! They (and we) know how much you sacrifice for them—they also know, they would not be where they are today without friends and fans like you. As dream-makers and angel-investors in the leaders of tomorrow, we hold true to our mission, embrace our diversity, give witness to the spirit of compassion, caring and generosity that warms our hearts and inspires us in so many meaningful ways. It is the very spirit and call to action that the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn entrusted us to steward and grow. Coincidentally, it is a spirit that needs to be more present in the world today more than ever before. Your gift to St. Francis and the world is just that—instruments of peace, pillars of compassion and people who will lead with love through words and actions, people just like you. We are blessed to know you, have you as believers, and to have you as partners in mission.

The only way you negotiate challenges and respond to crises like COVID-19 is to have resolve and resiliency, and we recognize that it starts and ends with your extraordinary participation and gestures of support. St. Francis of Assisi shared—All the darkness in the world cannot extinguish a single candle. Fortunately, we have a community of candles shining bright upon SFC, where this light provides great strength, determination and hope.

Please take the time to reflect and revel on the strength, determination, hope and impact you are having on the lives of our students, their families and their futures. Together, we embrace our moral responsibility to close the gap between those that have and those that don’t, and empower young people with courage, confidence, access and opportunity. We thank you for being true believers of this institution, those we serve, and each other. Let’s continue to meet any challenge that comes our way, and most importantly, help our students meet the everyday challenges they face, which are even greater during a time of pandemic.

We thank you and realize that without your resolve and resiliency, we could not be who we are today nor who we could be and will be in the days and years to come. We recognize that you give with a profound endorsement and expectation—it is not about SFC surviving but it is about SFC thriving. We will—thanks to you, our believers.

—Larry and Thomas

Fundraising Results FY 2019–2020: $6,472,282

SFC Giving Cup to the Class of 1957 with much gratitude for providing leadership support!

Top 10 Giving Classes
($, total amount by class)

SFC All-Hands-In Award to the Class of 1968 with great appreciation for gathering the highest number of contributors!

Top 10 Number of Contributors
(by number of contributors per class)

SFC All-Star Participation Award to the Class of 1963 for amassing the highest participation percentage!

Top 10 Highest Participation
(%, classes with at least 50 living alumni)

CLASS OF 1957 $259,071.19
1981 $216,750.06
1963 $180,369.84
1972 $148,287.54
1975 $147,457.17
1970 $130,351.12
1959 $107,026.00
1967 $89,197.00
1965 $51,234.47
1979 $51,049.78
CLASS OF 1968 54 Donors
1971 50
1969 48
1965 43
1970 42
1972 39
1975 37
1963 and 1973 (Tie) 36
1979 35
1976 and 1978 (Tie) 34
CLASS OF 1963 19.78%
1957 16.67%
1965 16.41%
1961 14.60%
1969 12.83%
1966 12.72%
1968 12.22%
1959 11.76%
1971 10.31%
1970 9.98%