The following pages list alumni, friends, faculty, parents, grandparents, staff, corporations, and foundations who made contributions in the 2019–2020 fiscal year. The generous gifts listed throughout this report represent support to all areas of St. Francis College including the Annual Fund for scholarships, library resources, and athletics.

Honor Roll of Donors:

Lifetime Giving


It is said that a young St. Francis would often come to San Damiano to pray before a 12th-century painted crucifix and it is here where he saw the Christ on the crucifix come to life and speak to him saying, “Rebuild my church.” The generous response to our shared vision unites us with others who have said “yes” to a lifetime commitment to St. Francis’s call to create meaningful engagements and have the willingness to faithfully share those blessings in a profoundly generous and loving manner. (Lifetime giving total of $1,000,000+)


Peter J. Callahan ’63 XV

Catherine E. Clarke +

Michael P. ’58 + and Kathleen DeBlasio

Brendan J. ’68 + and Barbara A. Dugan XV

Roger and Susan Hertog

Frank J. ’62, Ph.D. + and Mary T. Macchiarola XV

William D. ’59 and Aimee Maroney XV

Lawrence A. ’72 BT and Karen Marsiello XV

John M. ’51 + and Mary + McCarthy

William G. ’67 and Diane P. Parrett

Denis J. ’75 BT and Joanne Salamone XV

The Kresge Foundation

John F. ’67 BT and Maureen + Tully XV

Lt. Col. Philip C., USAF (Ret.) ’50 + and Joan + Valenti

Thomas J. BT and Anita Volpe XV

Judy and Fred Wilpon Family Foundation, Inc. V


The Mount of La Verna was a favorite site for St. Francis and his followers for spending long periods of meditation and prayer and it is here where it is said that St. Francis had a vision and received the stigmata that he carried until his death. Through generosity and leadership, La Verna members bring focus to our the Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn’s vision and built a foundation for future generations of Terriers. Their ongoing support provides the inspiration necessary to help the College realize its Big Dreams. (Lifetime giving total of $100,000 to <$1,000,000)


Emmet J., Esq. ’52 + and Carroll Agoglia

Alice M. and Thomas J. Tisch Foundation

Anthony E. ’69 and Rosemarie Amodeo XV

James Argutto V

Astoria Bank

Robert J. ’61 and Mary Ball XV

Bank of America Charitable Foundation X

Ambassador Frank E. and Kathrine Baxter

Bell Atlantic

Booth Ferris Foundation

Bro. William A. Boslet, OSF ’70 BT XV

James F. Bozart ’86 and Donald B. Winston XV

Rev. Paul F. Bradley ’37 +

Bremer Investment Management & Trust

Brooklyn Benevolent Society

Brooklyn Community Foundation

Brown Brothers Harriman XV

Joseph T. ’68 and Karyn Browne V

James A. Gibson, Ph.D. ’63 + and Patricia Brozinsky, Ph.D.

John and Denise Buran

Carolyn Callahan X

PJ Callahan Foundation, Inc. X

Domenick and Wendy Cama X

Robert B. and Joan Catell XV

Catholic Foundation for Brooklyn and Queens

Daniel J. ’64 and Carol F. Cavanagh

Bro. Gregory Cellini, OSF X

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. V

Citibank, N.A.

Mark C. ’73 and Marsha L. Clark V

Joseph K. and Margaret M. Collins

Collins Building Services, Inc. V

Con Edison Company

Edward N. ’68 BT and Jo-Ann Constantino XV

James E. Corrigan, Ph.D. ’60 XV

Cullen & Dykman X

James P. Culligan ’37 +

Kenneth D. ’88 BT and Laurie Daly XV

The Honorable Alfonse M. D’Amato

Vincent A. ’65 + and Marie D’Angelo

William F., Jr. ’86 BT and Angelique Dawson XV

Vincent ’72 and Denise DeGiaimo

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu

DeSales Media Group, Inc. X

Francis A. DeVito

John J. ’58 and Marge + Dietl XV

Most Rev. Nicholas DiMarzio XV

Joseph V. ’70 and Marie Christine DiMauro X

Gene E. ’79 BT and Ginna Donnelly V

Daniel P. ’68 and Maureen Donovan X

Albert G. Doumar ’57 XV

Patrick J. ’01 and Christina Dugan XV

Educational Housing Services, Inc.

Ernst & Young LLP

Bernard Ferguson ’22 +

ExxonMobil Foundation

Fast Track Construction X

Bernard A. ’51 + and Virginia + Femminella

Fleet Bank

Fleet Charitable Gift Fund

Thomas F. and Eileen Flood X

Flushing Bank V

Franciscan Brothers of Brooklyn

Frederick D. ’64 and Catherine Furman XV

General Atlantic Corporation

Michael J. ’62 and Cynthia Gibbons XV

Gladys Brooks Foundation

Dr. John C. Gorman ’38 +

Grant Thornton LLP

Catherine Greene BT X

Rev. Msgr. Kieran Harrington V

David E. Haverty ’81 XV


Hearst Foundation

Michael A. ’61 and Catherine J. Henning XV

Bro. Edmund Holmes, OSF ’28 +

Michael J. Holmes +

Emily Horowitz, Ph.D. V

Alber ’84 and Laura Hot XV

Hudson City Savings Bank

Salvatore ’75 and Barbara ’75 Iannuzzi

Interpacific Group Inc.

Interpublic Group of Companies

Investors Bank V

Jefferies & Company, Inc.

JP Morgan Chase

Daniel T. ’67 + and Mary Ann Kane

Gerard C. ’68 and Mary Jane Keegan

Thomas J., Esq. ’69 and Eileen Killeen XV

James I., CPA ’57 and Veronica + Konkel XV

Barbara G. ’76 BT and Robert Koster X

KPMG Foundation X

Robert J. ’50 + and Mary E. + Lanigan

Thomas M., Esq. ’66 and Susan Laquercia XV

Mary A. Ledermann XV

Lehman Brothers

Walter R. Leong ’81 XV

George Lewis V

Jesus F. ’84 BT and Noreen M. ’84 Linares XV

Louis Valentino, Jr. ’79 Memorial Fund

William J. ’75 and Geraldine Lovejoy XV

Lorraine M. Lynch ’91 and Arthur Swaine, Jr. XV

J. Christopher ’83 BT and Carol Mangan XV

Joseph J. ’69 and Mary Martingale XV

Joseph M., Esq. and Mary Ann Mattone XV

Charles J., MD ’69 and Diane McAllister V

Dr. Walter F. McArdle ’38 +

Thomas and Paula McInerney

Cynthia McTague +

Lois Melsha +

Philip J. ’65 and Margaret Mercorella

Richard W. ’70 and Joyce Merzbacher XV

Peter J. Michel ’63 XV

John P. Monaghan ’57 +

Morgan Stanley X

Mulvaney Family Foundation V

National Grid XV

National Grid Foundation

The National Italian American Foundation, Inc. X

National Philanthropic Trust

The New York Community Trust X

John E. ’67 + and Mary Ellen O’Connor XV

Michael O’Keeffe X

Park Strategies, LLC

Louis G. ’79 and Kathleen Pastina XV

Vincent F. Esq. ’72 and Antoinette Pitta

Prudential Insurance Company

Bruce Ratner

Roy L. Reardon, Esq. ’51 and Patricia Hynes, Esq.

Edward T. ’68 and Susan Reilly XV

The Lawrence I. and Blanche H. Rhodes Memorial Fund

Edward M. Ricci and Mary E. Lupo

Ridgewood Savings Bank XV

John A. ’66 + and Josephine + Rinaldi

May Ellen and Gerald Ritter Foundation

Vincent + and Susan + Rohan X

Alex and Terri Rohan

Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn X

John A. Rowinski ’73 and Mary Ann Curnan-Rowinski ’74 X

Herbert V. ’58 and Mary Ryan XV

William J. ’65 and Marguerite Ryan

Joseph and Barri Savasta V

Michael Schwerdtman ’81

Richard ’64 and Jane Silverman

John P. ’64 and Janice Smircich XV

David D. ’64 and Ann Smith XV

Philip J. Solondz Family Foundation V

Sovereign Bank

Peter J. and Carol Striano

Student Government Association

T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. XV

TD Bank V

The George I. Alden Trust

The Teagle Foundation

John F. ’66 and Diane Tiernan XV

Thomas J. and Alice Tisch

Anthony S. Tortorelli ’80 XV

Edward ’70 and Patricia Travaglianti XV

Nicholas L. ’68 and Susan Trivisonno

Maureen and William P. Tully ’72 X

Charles F., Jr. ’68 and Maureen M. Vadala XV

Diane Valentino

Louis, Sr. + and Philomena Valentino

Vanguard Charitable Endowment X

Virginia Femminella Trust

Waldorf Risk Solutions, LLC XV

Joseph P. ’61 + and Clare Walker XV

Thomas F. ’62 and Rita-May Ward XV

Leighton Waters

Jerry and Jane Wolff XV

John B. ’63 and Eileen Zurell XV