The following pages list alumni, friends, faculty, parents, grandparents, staff, corporations, and foundations who made contributions in the 2019–2020 fiscal year. The generous gifts listed throughout this report represent support to all areas of St. Francis College including the Annual Fund for scholarships, library resources, and athletics.

Honor Roll of Donors:

St. Clare Society

St. Clare, undoubtedly St. Francis’s most devout follower, practiced radical self-giving and embraced joyous poverty in imitation of Christ. Clare was born in 1193 to Assisi nobility. Encouraged by St. Francis’ words to live a life of prayer and service, she fled from her comfortable home to join Francis and the friars. Clare created a community of Franciscan women who lived humble lives dedicated to prayer, penitence, manual labor, and charity.

It is because of St. Clare’s generosity, sacrifice and inspirational example that St. Francis College established the St. Clare Society to honor all those who provide charitably through self-giving for the future of the College through bequests or planned gifts including charitable trusts, retirement plan benefits, or life insurance.

The entire SFC community expresses its gratitude to the following St. Clare Society members who have demonstrated their devotion to the SFC mission and commitment to growing its impact and legacy:


Hector ’84 BT and Victoria Batista

Gerard J., USMC ’55 and Alice Baxter

George C. ’59 and Betty Bergleitner

Anthony ’54 + and Kathleen Bertuglia

Madelyn O. Biggs +

Lester P. ’58 + and Ellen D. + Bishop

Rev. Msgr. John J. Bracken BT

James A. Gibson, Ph.D. ’63 + and Patricia Brozinsky, Ph.D.

Joseph J. ’64 + and Estrella + Buonomo

Daniel M. ’40 + and Adele V. + Burns

Tim BT and Diane Cecere P’20

Bro. Gregory Cellini, OSF

Catherine E. Clarke +

Virginia E. Cooke +

James E. Corrigan, Ph.D. ’60

John A. ’51 + and Margaret M. ’78 + Costa

James G. ’76 and Lorraine Courage

Timothy J. ’61 and Carol Courtney

Philip R. Cullen ’75

Lise Curry

Orville W. Dale

Robert Dennis ’71

John J. Dietl ’58

Albert G. Doumar ’57

John M. Downing ’59

Brendan J. ’68 + and Barbara A. Dugan

Joseph J. ’61 + and Mary Joan Egan, Ph.D.

Mark, Ph.D. ’70 and Lori J. Failla

Patrick J. ’71 and Diana M. Fallon

Jack L. ’73 and Beverly Fellin

Bernard ’51 + and Virginia + Femminella

Robert A. ’65 and Marianne Ficarra

Thomas F. and Eileen Flood

Frank P. ’78 and Teresa Frattini

Frederick D. ’64 and Catherine Furman

J. Vincent Gallagher ’41 +

Betty A. ’94 and Harold Gatto

Richard A. Giaquinto, Ph.D.

Michael J. ’62 and Cynthia Gibbons

Craig + and Paulette B. Gonzalez

Richard A. Greene ’78

Philip R. Harris, Ph.D. ’48 + and Janet Belport

Robert S. ’51 + and Joan Hathaway

David E. Haverty ’81

The Honorable Joseph J. Hennessy ’74 +

Bro. Edmund Holmes, OSF ’28 +

Michael J. Holmes +

Richard C. ’70 and Frances Jewell

John J. Jordan ’59 +

Anne M. Kelly ’79

Julie F. Kelly ’79

Shirley Kennedy ’71

Rev. Msgr. Robert Kirwin ’41 +

James I. Konkel, CPA ’57

Charles P. Kowalski ’72

Maria F. Laezza-Moggioli +

Gerald A. Largo, Ph.D.

James P. Lawler ’71

Robert F. ’52 + and Judith Lee

Walter R. Leong ’81

Joseph S. and Valerie Louzonis

William J. ’75 and Geraldine Lovejoy

Charlotte T. Lowit +

Frank J., Ph.D. ’62 + and Mary T. Macchiarola

Joseph ’79 and Patricia B. Malewich

Pat A. ’79 and Veronica A. ’82 Mallozzi

Francis P. Mandina +

J. Christopher ’83 BT and Carol Mangan

Lawrence A. ’72 BT and Karen Marsiello

James McAuliffe ’72

John J. ’65 and Maria G. McCabe

John B. ’58 + and Julie A. McCarthy

Rev. James J. McConnell ’50 +

James J. ’63 and Elaine McCormack

Dennis J. ’74 and Catherine B. ’74 McDermott

Lt. Col. Walter V., USAF (Ret.) ’50 + and Joan P. + McIntyre

Dr. Donald A. ’63 and Susanne McQuade

Charles L. ’64 + and Barbara Measter

Peter J. Michel ’63

John P. Monaghan ’57 +

James H. Murphy, Jr. ’71 and Gretchen Menn

Terrance J. ’71 and Irene Nolan

Johanna M. O’Boyle +

William C. O’Connell ’87

Rev. William D. O’Rourke, Ph.D. ’51 +

Victor L. ’71 and Cheryl Paganucci

Joseph J. Ponzio ’76

Peter E. ’70 and Lorraine Provenzale

Anthony C., Sr. ’67 and Frances Providenti

Clifford B. ’69 and Doris Redden

Rev. Msgr. Michael J. Reid ’73

Edward T. ’68 and Susan Reilly

Eileen D. Reiss ’88 +

Ernest J. ’59 and Mary Restivo

Angela Rosania

Terese M. Rouge ’71

Denis J. ’75 BT and Joanne Salamone

Peter Schleipman ’86

William P. Shanahan ’50 +

Charles Shea ’68 +

Robert W. ’63 and Patricia M. + Sheehan

Dr. Fred Siegel and Dr. Jan Rosenberg

Dr. Joseph T. Skerrett, Jr. ’64 +

Dennis ’70 and Deborah Skorewicz

Robert C. ’66 and Pam Sloane

Arnold J. Sparr, Ph.D.

John F. ’66 and Diane Tiernan

Nilsa Torres ’79

Anthony S. Tortorelli ’80

Nicholas L. ’68 and Susan Trivisonno

Barbara A. Tuck

John F. ’67 BT and Maureen + Tully

Lt. Col. Philip C., USAF (Ret.) ’50 + and Joan + Valenti

Marilyn A. Verna, Ed.D.

Alexander J. ’49 + and Stella + Vogeley

Thomas J. BT and Anita Volpe

Francis E., Ph.D. ’65 and Patricia M. Wakely

Jerry and Jane Wolff

Michael A. Zufolo ’61 and Susi Raphael

Why Should I Join the St. Clare Society?

All St. Clare Society members share a steadfast devotion to St. Francis College’s critically important mission—to provide all students with an affordable, high-quality education based on Franciscan values. Benefits of St. Clare Society membership include:

  • Special remembrance at the College’s weekly celebrations of the Eucharist and at our Annual Alumni Mass and our Annual St. Clare Mass;
  • Listing in the Annual Dream-Maker Report;
  • Invitations to all local St. Francis College special events and to any special College events planned for your region; and
  • The satisfaction of knowing that, as St. Francis proclaimed in his most famous prayer, “It is in giving that we receive”

If you have made a planned gift to SFC, please call (718-489-5361) or email us ( today. We are thankful for your thoughtful generosity and ultimate stewardship expression for our beloved St. Francis College.