Class Year, Current Students, Parents, Friends, Employees, Corporations and Foundations, and In-Kind Donors

The following list alumni, friends, faculty, parents, grandparents, staff, corporations, and foundations who made contributions in the 2019–2020 fiscal year. We thank you for your generous donations—and encourage new donors to join us in next year’s annual Dream-Maker Report by making a donation today.


Dollars Raised: $395.00 | Class Participation: 2.35%


James R. ’49 and Delores Brannigan XV


Joseph F. ’49 and Rosaleen Byrne


Dollars Raised: $1,575.00 | Class Participation: 5.56%

Remsen Street Club

Vincent M. ’50 and Lydia Sclafani XV

Assisi Society

Daniel D’Errico ’50 V

Edward C. ’50 and Rosemarie Kennedy X

Michael J., M.D. ’50 and Roseanne Monaco

Angelo M. Patrissi, Sr. ’50 XV


Edward J. ’50 and Carleen Lynch

Francis V. ’50 and Doris Reilly XV

William R. ’50 and Veronica Schroeder XV


Dollars Raised: $27,175.00 | Class Participation: 7.81%

Charter Society

Roy L. Reardon, Esq. ’51 and Patricia Hynes, Esq.

Red & Blue Club

William F. ’51 and Dolores Casey

Anthony ’51 and Margaret Caulfield XV

Joseph ’51 and Anita Frey

Frederick J. Herrmann ’51 XV

Anthony J. ’51 and Louise Mercogliano XV

John P. Rowley, Jr. ’51 XV

Assisi Society

William J. ’51 and Maxine Brooks X

Joseph E. ’51 and Marilynn Castana XV

John J. Scibelli ’51 XV


Dollars Raised: $2,940.00 | Class Participation: 5.33%

Remsen Street Club

Patrick A. ’52 and Eleanor Tolve XV

Most Rev. Emil A. Wcela, DD ’52 XV

Assisi Society

George H. Rouillard ’52


Wladyslaw J. ’52 and Obdulia Cieslewicz


Dollars Raised: $1,400.00 | Class Participation: 3.77%


Joseph C. ’53 and Barbara Wengler XV


Frank J. ’53 and Theodora Silvestri X


Dollars Raised: $1,625.00 | Class Participation: 11.43%


Robert C. ’54 and Maureen Minion X


Gerard E. Lenze ’54 XV

John R. Lenze ’54 V


John J. ’54 and Lois McDonald XV


Dollars Raised: $150.00 | Class Participation: 3.92%


Arthur ’55 and Theresa Maddaloni


Gerard J., USMC ’55 and Alice Baxter V


Dollars Raised: $2,625.00 | Class Participation: 7.58%


John F. ’56 and Patricia Roache XV

Thomas J., Ph.D. ’56 and Ann Wallace XV


Neil F., Jr. ’56 and Eileen Brogan XV

Raymond G. ’56 and Rosaria Dawid XV


John C. ’56 and Rosalie Devir V


Dollars Raised: $259,071.19 | Class Participation: 16.67%

Founder’s Circle

James I. Konkel, CPA ’57 XV

John P. Monaghan ’57 +

President’s Circle

Albert G. Doumar ’57 XV

Thomas E., Jr. ’57 and Mary Powers XV

Butler Street Club

Robert ’57 and Ellen Varasano

Red & Blue Club

John F. ’57 and Barbara Goydas

Timothy D. ’57 and Carol Mahoney XV

Assisi Society

Nunzio D. ’57 and Rose Cazzetta V

George F. Kehm, Esq. ’57 V

Michael J. McPartland ’57 XV

Ralph A. ’57 and Mildred Pascucci X


Anthony D., M.D. ’57 and Geraldine Abbate V

Rev. Ciaran Fergus, OP ’57 XV


Dollars Raised: $40,582.94 | Class Participation: 9.68%

Charter Society

Herbert V. ’58 and Mary Ryan XV

President’s Circle

John J. Dietl ’58 XV

President’s Club

Jonathan F. Greene ’58 X

Joseph A. Nunziata, Jr. ’58 XV

Remsen Street Club

Anthony B. ’58 and Edna DiBianca

John P. ’58 and Susan Sheehy XV

Butler Street Club

Joseph F. ’58 and Caroline Wahl X

Red & Blue Club

William A. ’58 and Anne Whelan X

Assisi Society

James T. ’58 and Margaret Griffin

Peter J. ’58 and Catherine Purpura

William I. Waithe, Ph.D. ’58 and Christiane Dauphinais


Peter P., OD ’58 and Lillian M. Frisko

Joseph F. ’58 and Elizabeth McLaughlin


Dollars Raised: $107,026.00 | Class Participation: 11.76%

La Verna Society

William D. ’59 and Aimee Maroney XV

President’s Circle

John M. Downing ’59 XV

Remsen Street Club

J. Edward ’59 and Gabrielle McDonough XV

Red & Blue Club

Ralph ’59 and Sheila Cloppse

Paul ’59 and Marie A. Gale XV

Hugh A. ’59 and Catherine McCloskey V

Assisi Society

Timothy P. ’59 and Jane Davey XV

Ronald P. ’59 and Brenda Fiske V

John J. Lane ’59 X

Dr. Francis T. Lang ’59 XV

Carl Sardegna ’59 and Nancy Willams


George C., Jr. ’59 and Betty Bergleitner XV

Philip A. Buttling ’59 XV

Thomas F. ’59 and Madeline Tierney V


Dollars Raised: $14,600.00 | Class Participation: 5.31%

President’s Circle

James E. Corrigan, Ph.D. ’60 XV

Remsen Street Club

John V. ’60 and Anne Marie Brull X

Gerard H. ’60 and Charline Gannon XV

Vincent J. ’60 and Janice Polito V

Butler Street Club

Joseph E., CPA ’60 and Rosemarie McLaughlin XV

Assisi Society

Dermot A. ’60 and Margaret Flynn V


Michael ’60 and Jacquelyn Gray


Dollars Raised: $20,840.25 | Class Participation: 14.60%

Dollars Raised: $20,840.25

Class Participation: 14.60%

Charter Society

Michael A. ’61 and Catherine J. Henning XV

President’s Council

Robert J. ’61 and Mary Ball XV

President’s Club

Bernard P., CPA ’61 and Jane G. Morgan XV

Remsen Street Club

Francis J. Fallon ’61 and Kathleen Walsh-Fallon

Thomas ’61 and Rosalind Hassett V

Martin P. ’61 and Catherine O’Donnell XV

Butler Street Club

Timothy J. ’61 and Carol Courtney X

Robert Lambiase ’61

Dr. Daniel C. ’61 and Carol Noonan XV

Assisi Society

Theodore T., Sr. ’61 and Marguerita Fletcher

Hugh E. ’61 and Geraldine A. Gallagher V

Dominic J. ’61 and Mary Molignano XV

Cornelius J. O’Carroll ’61 X

Anthony ’61 and Judy Pantano V

Francis M. ’61 and Mary Scahill XV

Bro. Robert Schaefer, OSF ’61 XV

James E. Vincent, M.D. ’61 XV

Michael A. Zufolo ’61


Brendan J. ’61 and Maeve Casey X

Thomas J., Esq., ’61 + and Anne Mason

John H. Scott ’61


Dollars Raised: $17,140.00 | Class Participation: 8.44%

President’s Circle

Michael J. ’62 and Cynthia Gibbons XV

President’s Club

Edward D. ’62 and Anne O’Brien XV

Thomas F. ’62 and Rita-May Ward XV

Remsen Street Club

James E. ’62 and Kathleen Dwane XV

James P. ’62 and Eleanor Hudson V

Thomas J. ’62 and Adrienne Keller XV

Butler Street Club

Angel R., Jr., M.D. ’62 and Patricia Colon

Thomas J. ’62 and Donna O’Mara XV

Red & Blue Club

William T. ’62 and Lois Barnewold XV

Michael E. ’62 and Mary Browne X

Assisi Society

Thomas P. ’62 and Louise Gilhooley XV

James M. ’62 and Mary Murray

James M., Ph.D. ’62 and Margaret O’Kane XV

Joseph P. ’62 and Jane Toto X


John A. ’62 + and Judy Ferguson XV

David F. Lopez, M.D. ’62

John J. ’62 and Constance O’Brien


Dollars Raised: $180,369.84 | Class Participation: 19.78%

Charter Society

Peter J. Callahan ’63 XV

President’s Council

Martin P. McNally ’63 XV

Peter J. Michel ’63 XV

John B. ’63 and Eileen Zurell XV

President’s Club

Thomas P. ’63 and Marion Napier XV

Remsen Street Club

Thomas T. ’63 and Penelope Meyer XV

Butler Street Club

William J. ’63 and Anne M. Higgins XV

John R. ’63 and Mary Mathis XV

James J. ’63 and Elaine McCormack X

David C. ’63 and Nancy Moriarty

Gerard J. Olexson ’63

Andre Zmurek ’63 and Dr. Barbara Barlow XV

Red & Blue Club

George P. DeGeorge ’63 and Denise Chamberland X

James J. ’63 and Nancy Jones

Raymond P. Nash ’63 XV

James J. Raftery ’63 XV

John P. ’63 and Margaret Toner XV

Assisi Society

Daniel E. Bryan ’63 X

Vincent ’63 and Carol DeClementi

William L. ’63 and Beverly Dempsey

Joseph C. ’63 and Della Dettling

Anthony J. ’63 and Leslie Embriano

Eugene J. Feldhaus ’63 XV

Charles H. ’63 + and Dorianne Harris X

Gerard R. ’63 and June Kelly XV

William P. USMC (Ret.) ’63 and Judy Kinane

Francis A. ’63 and Lillian Loughlin

Bro. Roman Morris, OSF ’63

Charles L. ’63 and Alice Novak

Martin A. Pasquale ’63 XV

Robert W. Sheehan ’63

Bro. Jeremy Sztabnik, OSF ’63

Anthony N. ’63 and Marylyn Vetrano


Anthony J. ’63 and Phyllis Cali

Edward J., Jr. ’63 and Maureen Dougherty XV

James G. ’63 and Maureen Mannix V

Michael P. ’63 and Rose Savino

Santo ’63 and Agatha C. Tantillo


Dollars Raised: $16,245.20 | Class Participation: 9.97%

President’s Council

David D. ’64 and Ann Smith XV

President’s Circle

Daniel M. Healy ’64 V

John P. ’64 and Janice Smircich XV

Remsen Street Club

Bernard J. ’64 and Eileen Casserly XV

John J. ’64 and Mary O’Boyle XV

Gary J. Schneider ’64 XV

Butler Street Club

Orazio A. ’64 and Margaret Ciccarelli X

Joseph M. Vislocky ’64 XV

Red & Blue Club

Colonel John H., USAF (Ret.) ’64 and Pamela Morris X

James F. ’64 and Eileen D. O’Dea XV

John P., Jr. ’64 and Dorothy Rooney XV

John J. ’64 and Ann Sceppa

Stephen Wilantewicz, DM.D. ’64

Assisi Society

Richard G. Alexander ’64

John F. Bartley ’64 X

Raymond L. ’64 and Barbara Bendici X

Dennis M. ’64 and Ann Kennedy X

John D. Looney ’64 XV

Kevin J. ’64 and Joanne Lyons

James R., CPA ’64 and Leticia Mazzeo X

Edward J. ’64 and Angela Murphy

Edward J. ’64 and Michelle Powers XV

Richard ’64 and Judy Randall V

Peter M. ’64 and Ann Swist


Frederick D. ’64 and Catherine Furman XV

Edward J. ’64 and Evelyn M. Fusaiotti V

Charles P. La Cagnina, CPA ’64

Donald A. Lomangino ’64

Christopher T. ’64 and Ingrid Muller

Walter M. ’64 and Elena Scanlon V

Robert M. ’64 and Helen K. Suzansky X

Douglas G. ’64 and Patricia Thomson X


Dollars Raised: $51,234.47 | Class Participation: 16.41%

Charter Society


President’s Circle

John J. ’65 and Maria G. McCabe

Leonard E. ’65 and Catherine Olen X

John A. ’65 and Denise O’Rourke V

Remsen Street Club

Captain William T. Brown, USN ’65

Robert A. ’65 and Marianne Ficarra XV

Terence Noonan ’65 V

James J., Ph.D. ’65 and Mary L. O’Connell X

Samuel A. ’65 and Diane M. Ramirez

Butler Street Club

William J., Esq. ’65 and Elizabeth Bielefeld

Leonard N. ’65 and Angela Florio XV

Joseph A. Lavezzo ’65

George R. ’65 and Mary Mayer XV

Lawrence J. ’65 and Mary Mulcahy X

Red & Blue Club

Kenneth R. ’65 and Joyce Allex XV

Canon Christopher G. ’65 and Barbara Duffy

Charles C. Lo Re, Jr. ’65 X

Edwin R. Westley ’65 and Janet Kelly V

Assisi Society

James M. ’65 and Irene A. Barling XV

Richard Bonnabeau, Ph.D. ’65 and Gunes Zeytinoglu V

Thomas J. ’65 and Eileen Callaghan XV

Thomas F. ’65 and Sandra Clougher XV

Gerard K. ’65 and Joy O. Hannon XV

Richard R. ’65 and Linda J. Lynch V

Ed F., III ’65 and Monica McCabe XV

Anthony ’65 and Arlene Miserandino

Philip D. Murray ’65 XV

Michael J. ’65 and Maura O’Connor XV

Hugh T., Ph.D. ’65 and Madalene Potter

Ralph ’65 and Diana Stinebrickner X

Joseph J. ’65 and Frances Svirida XV

Joseph R. Urcioli ’65


John J. ’65 and Janet Comiskey

Edmond P. ’65 and Maria Cremin

John De Benedetto ’65 V

Walter G. Eggmann ’65 XV

Thomas M. ’65 and Georgia Fasano

Robert K. ’65 and Joan Johnson

Edward T. ’65 and Bonnie Joyce X

Thomas F. Kenny ’65

Salvatore J. La Porta ’65

James J. ’65 and Francine Maloney X

Blaise ’65 and Ruth Marchese XV

John P. ’65 and Margaret McCadden X

Bruce A. ’65 and Concetta Pizzimenti XV


Dollars Raised: $21,156.16 | Class Participation: 12.72%

President’s Circle

William A. ’66 and Maureen Jandovitz XV

Robert C. ’66 and Pam Sloane XV

President’s Club

John F. ’66 and Diane Tiernan XV

Remsen Street Club

Sean A., Ph.D. ’66 and Marion Fanelli XV

Richard J. ’66 and Maria Krauland XV

Thomas M., Esq. ’66 and Susan Laquercia XV

Joseph F. ’66 and Jennifer Spencer V

Red & Blue Club

George J. ’66 and Frances Pipino V

Robert J. Rafferty, CPA ’66 XV

Assisi Society

Anthony C. Alaimo ’66 XV

Anthony A. ’66 and Jill A. Alvarez

Richard M. ’66 and Linda Bourne

Theodore ’66 and Ilene Bruccoleri V

Donald P. ’66 and Ruth Dineen V

Edward J. ’66 and Kathleen Jaworski XV

James G. McGuire ’66

Sr. Alice L. McVey, CSJ ’66 XV

William I. ’66 and Carolyn ’93 + Meehan

Jerome F., Ph.D. ’66 and Doreen Megna V

Edward Melanson ’66 V

Bro. Antonio Montera, OSF ’66 V


Jack A. Crispi ’66 V

Arthur A., Ph.D. ’66 and Paula S. DiClementi X

Dolores Ellenas ’66 and Nicholas Mele

Arthur M. ’66 and Mary Forster X

James A., CPA ’66 and Helen J. Geib

Gerard W. ’66 and Madonna Halloran

William W. ’66 and Susan T. Koscinski X

Anthony J. LaBello ’66

Daniel J. ’66 and A. M. Lane V


Dollars Raised: $89,197.00 | Class Participation: 8.38%

Founder’s Circle

John F. Tully ’67 BT XV

President’s Circle

Frank P. ’67 and Mary Cannistra X

John E. ’67 + and Mary Ellen O’Connor XV

Michael T., Esq. ’67 and Rosemary Sullivan XV

President’s Club

William P. Tyson ’67 X

Remsen Street Club

Robert A. ’67 and Mary Ann Alessandro XV

Leonard D’Ambrosia ’67

John C. ’67 and Anne Donahue

Jeffrey A. ’67 and Barbara Gould XV

Herbert J. ’67 and Gloria Hogan V

William T., Jr. ’67 and Maureen R. Quinlan X

Eugene P. ’67 and Colette Westhoff V

Butler Street Club

John P. Daley ’67 XV

David ’67 and Susan Fallon V

Raymond M. Feeney ’67 and Judy Latta XV

William E., Jr. ’67 and Nancy Giegerich V

Kevin J. ’67 and Penelope Holland X

Red & Blue Club

Jerold ’67 and Lilo Rowan

John W. Wetzel ’67 V

Assisi Society

Frank W. Calamusa, Ph.D. ’67 X

James F. ’67 and Patricia Darcy V

Guarione ’67 and Teresita Diaz V

Cirino T. ’67 and Rochelle Lombard X

Joseph M. Mruczek ’67 V

Edmond J. ’67 and Bernadette O’Connor X

Vincent P. ’67 and Veronica Pagano

James A. ’67 and Kathleen Palmer XV

Joseph J. ’67 and Geraldine Riley X

Robert S. ’67 and Kathleen Sarli XV

Robert J. ’67 + and Cindy L. Snyder X


Eileen A. Corrado ’67

James M. ’67 and Patricia Theisen X


Dollars Raised: $41,958.32 | Class Participation: 12.22%

President’s Council

Joseph T. ’68 and Karyn Browne V

Daniel P. ’68 and Maureen Donovan X

Edward T. ’68 and Susan Reilly XV

President’s Circle

Edward N. ’68 BT and Jo-Ann Constantino XV

Nicholas L. ’68 and Susan Trivisonno

President’s Club

John R. Cashin ’68

Charles F., Jr. ’68 and Maureen M. Vadala XV

Remsen Street Club

Robert G., Esq. ’68 and Margaret Bombara X

Richard J. ’68 and Mary Anne Collins XV

John B. ’68 and Elaine Conroy V

Reverend Randolph J. ’68 and Donna Geminder X

Donald N. ’68 and May Hayward XV

John J. Koster, Ph.D. ’68 XV

Butler Street Club

Philip A. ’68 Hoerter

John A. ’68 and Eileen C. Leone XV

Michael G. ’68 and Dolores McMahon X

William F., Jr. ’68 and Patricia Regan

Raphael Esq. ’68 and Mary Scotto XV

Bro. Edward Wesley, OSF, Ph.D. ’68

Red & Blue Club

Robert T. ’68 and Patricia Barlow XV

Kevin M. ’68 and Maryjane McQuade

Anthony M. ’68 and Kathleen Santoro V

Theodore J. ’68 and Arlene Timmins

Dr. John P. ’68 and Rosanne Travers V

Norman A. Wagner ’68 V

Assisi Society

Vincent J. ’68 and Diane Ambrosio X

Richard I., Ph.D. ’68 and Maureen Aquilina

Frederick T. ’68 and Eileen Brown

Thomas G., Ph.D. ’68 + and Leslie Bruce

Joseph A. Campanaro ’68

Brian M. ’68 and Mary Cashin

Dennis T. ’68 and Margaret Christy XV

John I. ’68 and Maureen C. Creegan

Franey M., Jr. ’68 and Barbara Donovan V

John T. ’68 and Camille Gerace XV

Walter E. ’68 and Eileen Gilpin X

Charles T. ’68 and Phyllis Gusman XV

William U. Harris ’68

Anthony P. ’68 and Diane Iannuzzi

Patrick J. ’68 and Jeanne Reavey

Michael T. Ridge, Esq. ’68

Paul F. ’68 and Giuseppina Valenti V


Peter D. Bruno, M.D. ’68

Sr. Nancy Edwards ’68

William ’68 and MaryAlice Farrell

John H. ’68 and Sabrina Field

Joseph P. ’68 and Mary A. Gribbin X

William T. ’68 and Annette Knipfing

Joseph A. Lentini ’68

Frank R. ’68 and Isabella L. Milligan V

John P. Raftery ’68

Dennis M. Reilly, LCSW ’68 XV

Richard C., Sr. ’68 and Irene Smith

Joseph F. ’68 and Annette Tyrian V

Carmine J. ’68 and Victoria Zummo XV


Dollars Raised: $49,808.64 | Class Participation: 12.83%

President’s Council

Thomas J. Esq. ’69 and Eileen Killeen XV

Joseph J. ’69 and Mary Martingale XV

President’s Circle

Anthony E. ’69 and Rosemarie Amodeo XV

James F. ’69 and Kathleen DeVarso XV

President’s Club

Victor R. ’69 and Diane L. Santoro X

Remsen Street Club

Michael T. ’69 and Margaret Corcoran XV

Joseph P. Forte, Esq. ’69 and Dorothy Vance-Forte XV

Clifford B. ’69 and Doris Redden XV

Butler Street Club

Daniel F. ’69 and Maria Barry XV

Edward D. Bova ’69 XV

Ronald S. ’69 and Peggy Jendras XV

Charles J. ’69 and Noreen Kelly XV

Michael C. ’69 and Danute Korb

Charles J., M.D. ’69 and Diane McAllister V

Thomas F. ’69 and Margaret McGarrity

D. Kevin ’69 and Kathleen McQuade XV

Frederick L. ’69 and Anne I. Michaels XV

Thomas P. Reilly ’69 V

Kevin W. ’69 and Saraann Schultz

Richard J. ’69 and Mary Wendt XV

Red & Blue Club

David H. Bacchioni ’69 and Debbie Faust-Bacchioni X

Xavier J. ’69 and Antonia Castelli

Joseph P. Dunne ’69

Richard M. ’69 and Judy Giammarco

Francis J. ’69 and Ellen Giammona X

James A. Thamm ’69 and Barbara Lack

Seamus ’69 and Frances McDonald XV

Assisi Society

James J. ’69 and Anne Cobb

James A. ’69 and Linda Denivo

Edward J. ’69 and Patricia Groarke

Andrew J. Habermann ’69

Stephen J. Hayden ’69

Patrick J. Kelly ’69 XV

Michael P. ’69 and Geraldine Lombardi V

John, Jr. ’69 and Caron Martinez

Martin J. ’69 and Peggy M. Michlik X

Michael J. Moriarty ’69 and Donna Hollon-Moriarty

Anthony Santorufo, Ed.D. ’69 V

Francis V. ’69 and Christine Seely


Kevin J. Delgardio ’69

Michael J. ’69 and Anna Drinka

Sr. Kathleen Hennessy, RSM ’69

William J. ’69 and Yurie Kozack

Patrick J. ’69 and Elizabeth O’Mara

Richard R. ’69 and Margret-Rose Orlando

Daniel G. ’69 and Blanche Pesce

Michael J. Quinn ’69

John T. ’69 and Joann Sundermier


Dollars Raised: $130,351.12 | Class Participation: 9.98%

Founder’s Circle

Angelo A. Giordano, Esq. ’70 and Dr. Joann DeLeonibus V

President’s Council

Peter T. ’70 and Janice Chingos XV

Stephen M. Cronin ’70

Joseph V. ’70 and Marie Christine DiMauro X

Alfred F. Thoben, CPA ’70 and Inez D’Arcangelo XV

Edward ’70 and Patricia Travaglianti XV

President’s Circle

Richard W. ’70 and Joyce Merzbacher XV

Remsen Street Club

Edgar A. ’70 and Mary Adamson X

William J. ’70 and Regina C. Black X

Ken P. ’70 and Kathleen Brown

Kevin J. ’70 and Teresa Burke X

Leonard J. ’70 and Concetta Cutrone XV

Mark, Ph.D. ’70 and Lori J. Failla X

George M., CPA ’70 and Suzanne Gillan XV

Michael J. ’70 and Maureen McInerney X

Robert P. ’70 and Patrice Moore XV

Dennis J. ’70 and Deborah Skorewicz

Gerard V. ’70 and Margaret Vaccacio

Butler Street Club

John J. and Elizabeth Casey ’70 XV

Richard C. ’70 and Frances Jewell X

Thomas B. ’70 and Connie McManus XV

Thomas G. Oldis ’70 XV

Richard P. ’70 and Beverly Wagner XV

Red & Blue Club

Bro. William A. Boslet, OSF ’70 BT XV

George Brennan ’70 XV

Thomas ’70 and Maria A. Ford

George J. ’70 and Gail H. Johansen X

Harry E. ’70 and Ida Macri XV

Assisi Society

Thomas J. Conlon ’70

Theodore ’70 and Pamela Dymczynski XV

John T. ’70 and Irene Haran

Robert C. ’70 and Lucy Labriola V

Aldo F. ’70 and Irene Lattanzio

William M. Mancini ’70 XV

Edward P. Morrissey ’70 XV

George H. ’70 and Joan Morrissey

George ’70 and Karen Murray

Gregory A. Rossicone ’70

Kevin J. ’70 and Valerie Ryan

Salvatore J. ’70 and Constance Scire


William D. ’70 and Carmela Chomin V

Gregory F. Dean ’70

Rolf B. ’70 and Judith Friedmann

Allen S. ’70 and Mary Mathers

Anthony J. ’70 and Marie L. ’70 Rizzi


Dollars Raised: $44,075.83 | Class Participation: 10.31%

President’s Council

Louis J. ’71 and Geraldine Scotto

President’s Circle

Terrance J. ’71 and Irene Nolan XV

Victor L. ’71 and Cheryl Paganucci

President’s Club

Jack F. LaRock ’71 V

Remsen Street Club

Dennis J. Burke ’71 and Martha L. Mackey, Esq. X

Louis A. ’71 and Pauline Esposito

Commander Robert D. Hopping, USN (Ret.) ’71 X

Shirley Kennedy ’71 V

Frank G. ’71 and Mary Morelli V

Louis H. ’71 and Mary Roller X

Butler Street Club

Daniel J. ’71 and Mary Brouder XV

Edward R. ’71 and Angela F. Curty XV

James J. Daw, Jr. ’71 X

James P. Lawler ’71 XV

Red & Blue Club

Louis P. Celano ’71 V

Robert A. Dennis ’71

Robert F. Dunn ’71

Thomas B. ’71 and Patricia Losquadro V

Lothar K. ’71 and Marie Maier

Peter P. ’71 and Theresa Mancuso

James F. ’71 and Patricia O’Sullivan XV

Terese M. Rouge ’71 XV

Joseph M. Szkutnik ’71 XV

Assisi Society

Philip A. ’71 and Joann M. Caserta

Bro. Leonard Conway, OSF ’71 BT X

Patrick A. ’71 and Patricia Glynn-Hanley

Francis X., Ph.D. ’71 and Deborah A. ’97 Holt

Stewart J. ’71 and Luise Jensen

John M. ’71 and Sally A. McGrath

Raymond J. ’71 and Nora McKeough XV

Brian C. ’71 and Linda McMahon X

John K. Molen ’71 V

Michael G. ’71 and Stephanie Morahan V

James H. Murphy, Jr. ’71 and Gretchen Menn XV

Robert J. ’71 and Mary Ellen Murphy XV

Rory J. ’71 and Jane Quinn V

Luis J. ’71 and Georgina Rodriguez XV

Joseph C. ’71 and Elaine Trentacoste XV

Kevin B. ’71 and Joan Westley


James R. ’71 and Marie Barnett

Richard C. Baron ’71 V

George C. ’71 and Mary Blanchard X

Vincent J. ’71 and Joyce Bova

Stephen P. Chiarini ’71 X

Angela ’71 and Anthony Della Croce V

James R. ’71 and Ann Farrell V

Sr. Elizabeth Gnam, OP ’71

Sr. Loretta A. Maggio, OP ’71

Michael P. Magnavita ’71

John M. Murphy ’71

Joseph M. ’71 and Virginia Rhatigan V


Dollars Raised: $148,287.54 | Class Participation: 7.25%

La Verna Society

Lawrence A. ’72 BT and Karen Marsiello XV

President’s Council

William P. ’72 and Maureen Tully X

Remsen Street Club

Donald V. ’72 and Rosemary Bavuso X

Carl M. Fiorillo ’72 V

Charles P. Kowalski ’72 XV

Robert L. ’72 and Margaret Smith XV

Charles R. Traina, Ph.D. ’72 XV

Butler Street Club

Kathleen B. ’72 and Robert, Jr. Bolz V

Kevin E. ’72 and Maureen Buckley

Frederick G. ’72 and Karen Wissemann V

Red & Blue Club

Ellen M. Raspitha ’72 X

Chun K., M.D. ’72 and Joanne Yip

Alfred ’72 and Priscilla Zaffiro

Assisi Society

Vincent R. ’72 and Dorothy Aperawic XV

Bruce J. Bombara ’72 V

John C. Codd ’72 X

Ron F. Darcy ’72 X

Ernest V. ’72 and Ann DiFranchi XV

Joseph A. ’72 and Carollee Donnelly X

Richard M. ’72 and Susan Greiner V

Brian W. ’72 and Mary Kenny XV

Edward J. ’72 and Lois Machinski XV

Paul L. Magnano, CLU, CHFC, ’72 + XV

Nicholas A. ’72 and Jean D. Marano X

Austin V., CPA ’72 and Mary Murphy XV

Mervyn ’72 and Aleitha Punnett V

Michael J. ’72 and Joyce Ranieri XV

Pauline ’72 and Adolfo Reid

James M. Scott ’72

Robert D. ’72 and Barbara Terry

Joseph A. ’72 and Pamela Turzo X

Peter J. ’72 Yovine


Sr. Ann E. Diliberti, OP ’72

Richard M. ’72 and Antoinette Greene XV

Salvatore A. ’72 and Faye Marino V

Peter A. ’72 and Jacqueline Minio

Frank A. ’72 and Jean Palmeri

Michael A. ’72 and Kathleen D. Polito

Michael E. ’72 and Michelle Salogub

John A. ’72 and Clara Santoro X

Raymond A. Alexander ’72

Bro. Stephen J. Lamendola, CSC ’72


Dollars Raised: $17,227.92 | Class Participation: 7.91%

President’s Council

Pasquale C. ’73 and Joann M. DePalma XV

John A. Rowinski ’73 and Mary Ann Curnan-Rowinski ’74 X

President’s Club

Matthew J. ’73 and Mary Ellen Krsulich XV

Joseph ’73 and Fran Nunziata

Butler Street Club

James M. ’73 and Pat Fox

Michael S. ’73 and Mary Ann McGowan V

Red & Blue Club

Albert T. ’73 and Carol A. Jaronczyk X

Thomas F. McDonough ’73

James F. ’73 and Theresa McKenna X

Francis W. ’73 and Geraldine Ryan XV

Louis T., CFP ’73 and Kathleen Scipione

Assisi Society

Joseph R. ’73 and Patricia Assortato V

Desmond E. ’73 and Joy Blaine V

Jack L. ’73 and Beverly Fellin XV

Robert N. ’73 and Melanie Franco

Joseph T. Freisen ’73

Thomas V. Horsting ’73

Theresa A. Loughran ’73 X

Timothy J. ’73 and Nelly Marco X

Richard J. ’73 and Mimi Martin V

Nicholas J. ’73 and Loretta McCauley X

William ’73 and Joann O’Brien XV

Thomas F. ’73 and Suzanne Oftring

Leonel ’73 and Linda Rohan

John Vorvolakos ’73


Mark C. ’73 and Marsha L. Clark V

Alfred A. ’73 and Denise DiCarlo

Thomas B. Gibson ’73

Jack ’73 and Jane Hyland

Michael R. Kenniff ’73

Frank G. Krasevec ’73 V

Humbert F. ’73 and Catherine Miglino

Jorge Rodriguez

Louis J. ’73 and Julia C. Ruggio

Anthony C. Schiano ’73

Frank E. Scott ’73 XV

John F. ’73 and Kathleen Seely

Robert E. Woods ’73

Assisi Society

Joseph T. Freisen ’73


Dollars Raised: $7,890.69 | Class Participation: 6.03%

President’s Council

Mary Ann Curnan-Rowinski ’74 and John A. Rowinski ’73 X

Remsen Street Club

Paul V. ’74 and Maryjo Cucarese V

Dennis J. ’74 and Catherine B. ’74 McDermott XV

Butler Street Club

Dr. Gerard J. Boyle ’74 and Dr. Patricia K. Agatisa ’76

James C. Petrillo ’74 X

Red & Blue Club

Joseph A. ’74 and Darlene Foulke XV

John J. Lyons ’74 V

Mary Morrison ’74

Peter J. ’74 and Susan Palenzona V

Assisi Society

John B. Adesalu ’74 V

Frank A. ’74 and Rosalie Calvosa V

Vincent M. ’74 and Mary K. Catalano

Clint Ebanks ’74 X

Antonio, Jr. ’74 and Carmen Farina V

Fulvia M. Forbes ’74

Thomas S. ’74 and Maureen McCabe XV

Thomas G. ’74 and Peggy Pellinger X

Benjamin D. ’74 and Jane J. Pride V

Robert, CPA ’74 and Elena Quartuccio XV

Ann Tomo ’74 V


Joseph J. Cunningham ’74 V

Angela A. Downes ’74 XV

Mary E. McKenna ’74 X

Anthony F. Notaro ’74

Dennis G. ’74 and Rita Riehman XV

George D. ’74 and Barbara Wolf V


Dollars Raised: $147,457.17 | Class Participation: 7.69%

La Verna Society

Denis J. ’75 BT and Joanne Salamone XV

Charter Society

William J. ’75 and Geraldine Lovejoy XV

President’s Club

Peter F. ’75 and Mary K. ’77 + Spiess XV

Remsen Street Club

Joseph E. ’75 and Margaret Kelly V

John W. Lunson ’75

Edward J. Ryan ’75 and Mary Browne-Ryan ’76 X

Diane M. ’75 and Robert J. ’77 Trapp V

Harry W. ’75 and Marion A. Whelpley

Butler Street Club

Salvatore V., CPA ’75 and Serena Barbuzza XV

Gary S. ’75 and Joanne M. Jendras XV

Red & Blue Club

John E. Brandt ’75

Peter ’75 and Anne L. ’79 Brigando V

Thomas ’75 and Regina ’75 Dowling V

Antoinette M. Lauletta ’75 V

Richard C. Lorenzo J.D. ’75

Steven A. ’75 and Rita M. Orlando V

Frank D. ’75 and Michele Petrizzo X

Thomas J. Randazzo ’75 V

Assisi Society

Myrna H. Belgrave-Sigua ’75 and Camilo Sigua, Jr. V

Paul R. ’75 and Virginia Cronen

Dr. Neal ’75 and Mary Dechillo

Samuel J., Ph.D. ’75 and Maryann Fruner V

Renee M. Miscione ’75

Carl P. ’75 and Christabel A. ’75 Quigley XV

William E. Ulrich ’75


Julia B. ’75 and William Arcadipane

Paul P. Chadason ’75

Neil J. ’75 and Elizabeth Connolly

John ’75 and Joan Cregg

Michael J. ’75 and Debra L. Donovan

Theodore ’75 and Ana Maria Glikis

Michael J. Jesencky ’75 V

Robert O. ’75 and Lynn Kurtz V

Warren J. ’75 and Marilyn Michelsen

Susan J. Mondel ’75

James ’75 and Debbie Quackenbush

Ann S. Samuels, RN, MEd ’75 V

Faith C. Saume-Berges ’75 X

Dr. Mary M. Schuett-Aruda ’75


Dollars Raised: $31,402.36 | Class Participation: 6.03%

President’s Council

Barbara G. ’76 BT and Robert Koster X

President’s Club

Robert J., CFP ’76 and Karin Genalo V

Jerome ’76 and Patricia A. ’83 Williams XV

Remsen Street Club

Mary Browne-Ryan ’76 and Edward J. Ryan ’75 X

Anne C. ’76 and Victor Dagenais XV

Butler Street Club

Patricia K. Agasita ’76 and Gerard J. Boyle ’74

Richard G. ’76 and Margaret Danderline

Jean Riker-O’Leary ’76 and Michael O’Leary

Red & Blue Club

Raymond Bassil ’76 and Catherine Bassil

Joseph C. ’76 and Janet Caldarella XV

Doreen M. ’76 and Michael Cordes

James P. ’76 and Margaret Gildea XV

Joseph J. Ponzio ’76 V

John M. ’76 and Mary G. ’79 Thompson V

Assisi Society

Thomas J. ’76 and Tina Cravotta

William A. ’76 and Marybeth Curran

JoAnn ’76 and Gary Damiano V

Peter ’76 and Patricia English

Margaret A. ’76 and Thomas M. Horan

Kevin J. ’76 and Kelly A. Kelleher X

Philip ’76 and Alida LaSpisa V

George M. ’76 and Maureen R. Lovaglio XV

Joseph A. Mingrone ’76 and Ryan Cleminson

Michael P. Morris ’76 and Mary McGovern-Morris ’76 X

Harry C. ’76 + and Rosemary Norum V

Glenn T. ’76 and Linda Rivano

Joseph ’76 and Jane Tricarico V


Brian J. Campbell ’76

John J. ’76 and Arlene C. Ferrante XV

Gabriel O. ’76 and Christiana Kassim

Patricia C. Kerner ’76 XV

Michael J. ’76 and Dianne Mandel XV

Eleanor F. McCabe ’76 V

Vincent Napolitano ’76

Camile Pennicott-Bunche ’76 and Julius Bunche

George J. ’76 and Debra Waters


Dollars Raised: $4,165.00 | Class Participation: 3.82%

President’s Circle

John E. ’77 and Susan Kiely XV

President’s Club

Mary K.’77 + and Peter F. ’75 Spiess XV

Remsen Street Club

John E. ’77 and Kathleen Klemm

Robert J. ’77 and Diane M. ’75 Trapp V

Butler Street Club

Patricia M. Moffatt-Lesser ’77 and Jeffrey Lesser XV

James M. ’77 and Janet M. Walsh X

Red & Blue Club

Thomas K. ’77 and Mary Alesi

Thomas J. ’77 and Lynn Cassidy X

Lucy Curci-Gonzalez ’77 and Arturo Gonzalez-Alfonso

Paul Degrazia ’77

Donald J. ’77 and Kathryn Faughnan V

Assisi Society

Claire J. Baker ’77 XV

Frederick ’77 and Mary Cannone

Anne Marie E. ’77 and Louis DiNapoli

Mary T. Peyton ’77


Maria T. Auletta, M.D. ’77 V

Eileen Boucher ’77

Regina S. Dowuona-Lutterodt ’77 X

Clare C. ’77 and David Garvey

Nicholas J. ’77 and Mary Gismondi

Thelma G. Gumbs, RN ’77

Adrian Harper ’77

Darlene Kenty-Jefferson ’77 and Theodore Jefferson

John ’77 and Theresa Pastore X

Deborah T. Smith ’77

Elaine M. ’77 and Thomas E. Smith XV

James J. ’77 and Annamaria Vincent


Dollars Raised: $20,665.76 | Class Participation: 4.55%

President’s Council

James F. ’78 and Agnes G. McCue X

President’s Club

Frank P. ’78 and Teresa Frattini XV

Remsen Street Club

Timothy J. ’78 and Celeste Cole XV

Raymond ’78 and Joan K. Dowling V

Richard A. Greene ’78 XV

Leonard G. ’78 and Maryjane Lubrano XV

Butler Street Club

Marjorie ’78 and Joseph E. Drennan XV

Mary Anne P. Killeen ’78 XV

Patricia M. Ola-Chukwu ’78 and Uche O. Ola X

Kevin J. ’78 and Maureen Redden

Gerard ’78 and Patricia A. ’78 Trapp X

Red & Blue Club

Edward C. McGarrity, Jr. ’78

Anthony J. ’78 and Mary Ellen Orlando V

Assisi Society

Robert M. ’78 and Frances Burks

Joseph A. ’78 and Maryann Cacchioli XV

Lorraine J. Carlozzi ’78 XV

Thomas P. ’78 and Laura Caruso

Colleen DeCarlo ’78

Kathleen M. King ’78 XV

Maureen T. Leo ’78 XV

Patricia A. Logan, CPCU ’78 XV

Edward J. Seidlinger ’78

Marion ’78 and Bernard ’79 White V

Albert C. ’78 and Jeannette Wiltshire


Brenda J. Campbell-Beyman ’78

Ed J. ’78 and Lisa Cronen V

Vincenza L. ’78 and Al Ierardi

Debbie Letts ’78

Cornelius C. McSweeney ’78

Joseph ’78 and Rose-Ann Morangelli XV

Mary P. Mullahy, RN, ’78 V

John C. ’78 and Joanne Norris

Gladys M. Ramos ’78

Evelyn M. Rodriguez, M.D. ’78

Rev. Michael Tedone ’78


Dollars Raised: $51,049.78 | Class Participation: 6.41%

Charter Society

Gene E. ’79 BT and Ginna Donnelly V

President’s Council

Judy A. ’79 BT and Robert Rice V

President’s Circle

Louis G. ’79 and Kathleen Pastina XV

Edward R. Quinn ’79

President’s Club

Joseph A. ’79 and Mary Ellen ’79 Giordano V

Remsen Street Club

William C. ’79 and Rebecca B. ’80 Armstrong XV

Pat A.’79 and Veronica A.’82 Mallozzi

Stephen P. ’79 and Roseanne ’80 McInerney V

Joann M. O’Neill-Quinterno ’79 and Steven Quinterno

Jeanne Zatorski ’79

Butler Street Club

Stephen E. ’79 and Joan S. Albright XV

Lisa M. Gallotta ’79 V

Barbara G. Kelly ’79 and Bobby Benya

Patrick ’79 and Patricia M. Timlin

Red & Blue Club

Lorraine F. ’79 and Joseph Altmann V

Anne L. ’79 and Peter ’75 Brigando V

John J. ’79 and Susan F. Colgan

Dorothy E. ’79 and Gary J. Gurreri XV

Anne M. Kelly ’79

Julie F. Kelly ’79

Joseph ’79 and Patricia B. Malewich V

Catherine T. ’79 and Michael O’Brien

Mary G. ’79 and John M. ’76 Thompson V

Assisi Society

Donald A. Buckley ’79 V

Joseph G. ’79 and Mary Anne Fritsch

Timothy P. ’79 and Fedilina Giambrone V

Nancy A. Lento-Misseri ’79 XV

Mary C. ’79 and Al Romeo

Eileen M. Ulmer ’79 X

Bernard ’79 and Marion D. ’78 White V


Gloria A. ’79 and Frank DeCrescenzo XV

Giovambattista ’79 and Antonella Eramo

William J. ’79 and Eva Ferro

Richard J. ’79 and Diane Heegan

Ruth L. Moodhe ’79

Patrick J. ’79 and Geraldine A., CPCU ’81 O’Beirne

John J. ’79 and Louise P. O’Sullivan

Joyce A. ’79 and Paul E. Reynolds XV

Ann M. Sauter ’79


Dollars Raised: $20,895.59 | Class Participation: 5.84%

President’s Circle

Michael J. Beaury ’80 XV

Anthony S. Tortorelli ’80 XV

President’s Club

Edward J. ’80 and Madalyn M. ’80 Hanley XV

Remsen Street Club

Rebecca B. ’80 and William C. ’79 Armstrong XV

John J. ’80 and Mary Frawley XV

Irma Garcia ’80 XV

Roseanne ’80 and Stephen P. ’79 McInerney V

Butler Street Club

Marjorie Driscoll ’80 V

Anne Jackson-Rasmussen ’80 and Roy Rasmussen

Brian ’80 and Mae McKeon XV

Red & Blue Club

Mary P. Byrnes ’80 V

John ’80 and Joyce Sheehan

Assisi Society

Eugene C. Assencao-Sanchez ’80 X

Richard A. ’80 and Louise A. Fabietti

Patricia B. Fallon ’80 and Kevin Kress

Claudia A. Gilchriest ’80 XV

Angelo ’80 and Vincenza Guerriero V

John R. ’80 and Laura Keenan

Yuet N. Lam ’80

Viken Najarian ’80

Patricia N. Oguagha ’80

Armand M., Jr. ’80 and Jeanne M. Patella XV

Katherine M. ’80 and Bruno Schettini X


Mary E. Callahan ’80 X

Donald C. ’80 and Elke Cilia

Charles P. ’80 and Donna M. ’81 Costa

Leta D. Crawford ’80 and Martin Crawford

Peter ’80 and Maria Paguaga XV

Laura J. ’80 and Thomas R. Pietro

Steven Zuccaro ’80

Red & Blue Club

Mary T. Tersoreiero-Wood ’80 and James Wood


Dollars Raised: $216,750.06 | Class Participation: 3.06%

La Verna Society

Michael Schwerdtman ’81

Charter Society

David E. Haverty ’81 XV

President’s Council

Walter R. Leong ’81 XV

President’s Circle

Michael P. ’81 and Hanne Donovan

Butler Street Club

Elizabeth G. Mindlin ’81 XV

Red & Blue Club

Angela Caracciolo-Keenan ’81 and Frank Keenan X

James P. ’81 and Joanne D. Shea XV

Assisi Society

Marion ’81 and Maggie Fazio

Maryirene, M.D.. ’81 and Anthony Flynn

Eileen R. Lian ’81 X

William P. ’81 and Kathleen Muzyka XV


Dominick S., Jr. ’81 and Donna A. Cappolla

Donna M. ’81 and Charles P. ’80 Costa

Thomas A. ’81 and Kathleen Holmes V

Lee-Anne Infantino ’81

Phyllis C. O’Neill ’81 XV

Geraldine A., CPCU ’81 and Patrick J. ’79 O’Beirne

Sandra Pinkard ’81

Pamela Rudder ’81 and Peter Eastman


Dollars Raised: $3,817.82 | Class Participation: 2.16%

Remsen Street Club

Michael ’82 and Josephine LoBosco

Veronica A. ’82 and Pat A. ’79 Mallozzi

Butler Street Club

Kevin ’82 and Dianne Agoglia

John J. ’82 and Jacqueline S. ’83 Paguaga XV

Red & Blue Club

Thomas J. ’82 and Ellen Duffy

William J. ’82 and Karen Gallagher

Neil C. O’Donnell ’82 X

Assisi Society

Eileen M. Daly ’82

Maureen A. Finnerty ’82

Michael J. ’82 and Patricia Orlay X


Lily Campbell-Evering ’82

Virginia Fazio ’82 V

Catherine P. ’82 and Frederick D., Jr. Schmidt


Dollars Raised: $23,333.81 | Class Participation: 3.39%

President’s Council

Walton D. ’83 BT and Donna W. Pearson

President’s Circle

J. Christopher ’83 BT and Carol Mangan XV

President’s Club

Patricia K. Cassidy ’83 XV

Patricia A. ’83 and Jerome ’76 Williams XV

Remsen Street Club

Brian Cosgrove ’83 X

Butler Street Club

Gayle A. Lombardi ’83 X

Jaqueline S. ’83 and John J. ’82 Paguaga XV

Assisi Society

Frank R. ’83 and Jennifer Bongiorni V

Frank ’83 and Gloria Leggio

Evelyn Magdaleno ’83

Deborah A. Strack-Cregan ’83 and Brendan Cregan XV


Lisa M. Andersen-Yurman ’83 and Joseph L. Yurman

John D. Coakley ’83 and Grace Z. Machuca-Coakley V

Julia Guzzino ’83

Steven J. Mullins ’83 X

Nicole Pluviose ’83 XV

Rose K., RN ’83 and Milton L. Williams


Dollars Raised: $16,807.69 | Class Participation: 4.07%

President’s Council

Alber ’84 and Laura Hot XV

President’s Circle

Jesus F. ’84 BT and Noreen M. ’84 Linares XV

JoAnn C. Stonier, Esq. ’84 XV

Remsen Street Club

Hector ’84 BT and Victoria Batista V

Rosemarie Lanard ’84 and Scott Dougherty

Butler Street Club

Charles G., Ph.D. ’84 and Ann M. ’84 Garlisi XV

Kathleen M. Young ’84 V

Assisi Society

Glenn M. Huzinec ’84 and Theresa M. Spelman-Huzinec ’88 XV

Eileen Nolan ’84 V


John ’84 and Kathryn Cascio

Sebastian J. ’84 and Carol DiBella

Urai L. Klinkusoom ’84

Mary Luszczyk ’84

Vivian G. ’84 and Rigoberto Pabon X

Denise G. Pennacchio ’84

Doreen E. Steiner ’84


Dollars Raised: $1,351.00 | Class Participation: 3.10%

Red & Blue Club

Michael ’85 and Theresa Maher V

Red & Blue Club

Eugene J. Viti, Jr. ’85

Assisi Society

Sallyann G. ’85 and Richard Bartels

Michael ’85 and Lisa Curti XV

Frank A. ’85 and Lucille Plantemoli


Lorraine T. Calcaterra ’85

Lucia M. ’85 and Chester M. Euton

Maria ’85 and Louis Faicco X

Thomas J. ’85 and Carol Giglio V

Claudette ’85 and Jose Medina

Mary Ann Byrnes ’85 XV


Dollars Raised: $22,590.56 | Class Participation: 5.15%

President’s Council

James F. Bozart ’86 and Donald B. Winston XV

Remsen Street Club

Maria Donini ’86 XV

Damiano Mazzone ’86 V

Assisi Society

Sharon E. Albergo-Quigley ’86

Maria Cestaro ’86 V

Colonel Edward, Jr. ’86 and Patricia Daily X

Theresa Fahy, DPM ’86

David M. ’86 and Scarlet Monroe X

Robert ’86 and Roseann Vito V


Regan C. ’86 and Frederic B. + Burnham

Corrado Carbone ’86

Ann Marie Ditizio-Rich ’86

Patricia J. ’86 and Richard W. Ekelund XV

Patricia C. Greene ’86

Mary P. O’Shea-Ryan ’86 and Timothy Ryan

Anita L. Smith ’86

Mark ’86 and Carey Urbach


Dollars Raised: $10,125.00 | Class Participation: 2.32%

President’s Circle

George ’87 and Elizabeth Vogel X

Remsen Street Club

Josephine ’87 and Richard Savastano

Robert J. ’87 and Lisa Wisniewski X

Assisi Society

Stacey J. Guerriera-Tynion ’87 and Donald Tynion V


Eileen M. ’87 and Albert Bartha V

Sandra ’87 and Angel Rivera

Gregory W. ’87 and Dorothy E. Taylor


Dollars Raised: $3,972.56 | Class Participation: 2.86%

President’s Council

Kenneth D. ’88 BT and Laurie Daly XV

President’s Club

Peter ’88 and Frances Kelly V

Assisi Society

Irene A. Feldman ’88 and Paul Polik V

Janet Hopkins, RN ’88

Michael D. Paladine ’88

Theresa M. Spelman-Huzinec ’88 and Glenn M. Huzinec ’84 XV

Assisi Society

John H. Spina, DPM ’88 V


Lawrence R. ’88 and Patricia Carlucci XV

Albina J. Raziano ’88 V

James P. ’88 and Gina Schiano


Dollars Raised: $3,495.97 | Class Participation: 1.96%

Remsen Street Club

Christine V. ’89 + and John D.,III ’99 Bertolozzi

President’s Circle

Victor J. Masi, DO ’89 BT and Teresa Stuto-Masi ’91 XV

Butler Street Club

Stephen V. ’89 and Mary Kenny

Catherine L. ’89 and Thomas Wornom XV

Red & Blue Club

Christine A. Kramer-Santangelo ’89 and Salvatore Santangelo V

Assisi Society

Matthew J. Turner ’89


Mary F. ’89 and Edward Brenner


Dollars Raised: $405.00 | Class Participation: 2.64%

Assisi Society

Anthony ’90 and Linda Baranello X

Brian M. Duffy ’90


Henry A. Giron ’90 and Elizabeth Diaz de Giron XV

Michael L. ’90 and Nancy Gorman V

Thomas ’90 and Kathleen Marzella

Neal M. ’90 and Eleanora McGarrity

Kathleen M. Wallace ’90


Dollars Raised: $3,400.00 | Class Participation: 3.38%

Charter Society

Lorraine M. Lynch ’91 and Arthur Swaine, Jr. XV

President’s Circle

Teresa Stuto-Masi ’91 and Victor J. Masi, DO ’89 BT XV

Remsen Street Club

Anthony J. Henry ’91 V

Terrence V. Mulligan ’91 XV

Butler Street Club

Helena E. Duszkiewicz ’91

Colleen A. Meade-Edwards ’91 and John C. Edwards

Mary C., CPA ’91 and Edward B. Shaw V

Red & Blue Club

Susan M. Ignaciuk ’91 V

Assisi Society

Janet M. Dawson ’91 and James P. Vafeas X

James P. ’91 and Virginia C. McDade V

Frances A. Phelan Krische ’91

Joseph A. ’91 and Sharon Raftery


Elizabeth G. ’91 and Charles Harkin V

Karen ’91 and Robert Schiera


Dollars Raised: $775.76 | Class Participation: 2.97%

Red & Blue Club

Leonora T. Augustine-Smith ’92

Assisi Society

Rachele A. Bucchieri ’92 V

Honey Marie E. ’92 and Michael ’94 Theogene


Kenneth J. ’92 and Joann M. Coffin

Michele Federici ’92

Jennifer ’92 and Charles Flynn

Eileen M. Long-Chelales ’92 and Joseph Chelales X

Dawn H. ’92 and Michael Metcalf

Antoinette Palazzi ’92 X

Michael J.’92 and Jean E. ’94 Raguso-Failla


Dollars Raised: $805.64 | Class Participation: 2.20%

Red & Blue Club

Paul F. Cosgrove, D.D.S. ’93

Assisi Society

Carolyn ’93 + and William I. ’66 Meehan

Gregory D. ’93 and Kristin A. ’93 Miedrzynski

Eileen V. ’93 and John J. Saporito

Shernette C. Walters ’93


Linda ’93 and Renee Destouches

Michael A. ’93 and Helen Doda

Paul R. Puttlitz ’93 V


Dollars Raised: $3,471.00 | Class Participation: 3.17%

President’s Circle

R.J. ’94 and Maria Hinners V

Butler Street Club

Jean S. ’94 BT and Melissa Desravines V

Betty A. ’94 and Harold Gatto V

Red & Blue Club

James P. Cahalan ’94 V

Assisi Society

William, Jr. ’94 and Melissa Beuther V


Stephanie R. ’94 and Anthony Dumaine

Windell Moore ’94

Jean E. ’94 and Michaell J. ’92 Reguso-Failla

Anna L. Soto ’94 V

Charlotte T. Albury ’94 and Charles Moore


Dollars Raised: $786.28 | Class Participation: 3.06%

Assisi Society

James E. ’95 and Brenda Anastasia

Christine M. Azzolini-Occhipinti ’95

Daria E. ’95 and Matthew Connolly

Dyanne M. Rosado ’95 V

Marie F. Zangari ’95 XV


Nancy Cena ’95 V

Melvina Douse-Manuel ’95 and David Manuel

Eileen Kavanagh, CPA ’95

Joel A. Lutenberg ’95

Elizabeth Mocete ’95

Patrick S. ’95 and Theresa O’Hara XV


Dollars Raised: $1,012.82 | Class Participation: 0.88%

President’s Circle

Joseph J., Esq. ’96 and Marianna Bruno

Butler Street Club

Gail A. O’Donnell ’96 and Steven Mastromarino V

Red & Blue Club

Yann P. Fischer ’96

Assisi Society

Daisy P. ’96 and Irwin Weinstein V


Dollars Raised: $7,603.84 | Class Participation: 2.87%

President’s Circle

Michael A. ’97 BT and Julia MacIntyre XV

Red & Blue Club

David B. Gardella ’97

Deborah A. ’97 and Francis X., Ph.D. ’71 Holt

Romina F. Ros ’97

Assisi Society

Erez, Ph.D. ’97 and Rosalin Shochat XV


Dorothy M. Guerriero ’97

Aesha F. Jaffir RN ’97 and Sa-Adah Abdush-Shaheed

Matthew S. MacGregor ’97

Brian J. O’Connor ’97

Parkinson T., Jr. ’97 and Tracianne Small


Dollars Raised: $754.40 | Class Participation: 1.93%

Butler Street Club

John N. ’98 and Mary E. Wlaysewski X

Red & Blue Club

Richard T. Finger, Jr. ’98 V

Assisi Society

Mark S. Nurse ’98 X

Alessandro C. ’98 and Kara Romano


Augustus E. ’98 and Reine Aikins

Virginia L. Hanson, RN ’98 X

Aretie Valentin ’98

Myriam ’98 and Edmund Folkes


Dollars Raised: $776.00 | Class Participation: 1.58%

Remsen Street Club

John D., III ’99 and Christine V. ’89 + Bertolozzi

Nicholas A. Gaus ’99 V

Christopher R. ’99 and Carrie A. Long

Assisi Society

Danielle T. Battista ’99 V


Larry V. Medina ’99

Red & Blue Club

Thomas Smith ’99 and Rosalie Fowler-Smith


Dollars Raised: $1,580.77 | Class Participation: 2.08%

Remsen Street Club

Adewale O. Oshodi, CPA ’00

Assisi Society

Laura L. Eisenzopf ’00 XV

Anthony J. ’00 and Laureen Kurtin

Daniel G. ’00 and Rita Magee


Filip E. ’00 and Nadia Ivanova V

Vivian Mazzella ’00 V

Anthony C. Tomasulo ’00 XV

Eulene A. ’00 and Ira Workman XV


Dollars Raised: $3,132.04 | Class Participation: 2.93%

Charter Society

Patrick J. ’01 and Christina Dugan XV

Remsen Street Club

Matthew C. Hogan ’01 XV

Butler Street Club

Srdjan Mihaljevic ’01 X

Red & Blue Club

Robert M. Cruz ’01 and Jo-AnnEyre M. McNeil-Cruz ’02 V

Monica Michalski ’01 and Michael Verdino

Assisi Society

Damien D. Lois ’01

Angela K. ’01 and William F. Manekas X

Alice M. Salome-Patton ’01 and Douglas H. Patton V

Dinnadra J. St. Louis ’01


Lauren K. Alleyne ’01

Csaba M. Biro ’01 and Cynthia Green-Biro


Dollars Raised: $7,216.84 | Class Participation: 2.27%

President’s Club

Yadira A. Ramos-Herbert ’02 and Jeffrey Herbert XV

Remsen Street Club

Anthony H. Zalak ’02 XV

Butler Street Club

Julio A. Agosto ’02 and Aura N. Miranda-Agosto XV

Yadira M. Moran-Ulrich ’02 X

Red & Blue Club

Jo-AnnEyre M. McNeil-Cruz ’02 and Robert M. Cruz ’01 V

Oliver A. Prince ’02

Michelle D. Teehan ’02 V

Assisi Society

Jamila A. Alkaifi-Hercules ’02 and Alfredo Hercules V

Sonia ’02 and Michael Gomez

Hakim M. A. Williams, Ed.D. ’02


Gladimir Ambroise ’02

Peter A. Teelucksingh ’02

Judith S. Wafe ’02


Dollars Raised: $2,702.04 | Class Participation: 2.87%

President’s Circle

Carol T. Decina ’03 V

Remsen Street Club

Borislav G. Guenov ’03 XV

Butler Street Club

Nicholas W. Pantazis ’03

Assisi Society

Tessa P. Barthelmy ’03

Maria T. ’03 and Gaetano Blandino

George ’03 and Albina Cataudella X

Melissa A. Duron ’03 V

Anthony J., Jr. ’03 and Kristen L. ’03 Fasano


Adrian A. Armstrong ’03

Ayana N. Bertrand ’03

Jerry K. Hyppolite ’03

John Lameras ’03

David L., DO ’03 and Rachel L. Peters ’04

Malika A. Phillips-Peters ’03

Ambika Tewari Ph.D. ’03 and Adam Abraham

Serghei I. Vaculeac ’03


Dollars Raised: $6,372.05 | Class Participation: 2.47%

Remsen Street Club

Ruben N. Gonzalez ’04 XV

Robert A. ’04 and Marie Oliva XV

Chanardai Ramjattan ’04

Butler Street Club

Rosemary Brybag ’04 V

Charles A. ’04 and Diane E. Giardino X

Red & Blue Club

Jelena Maljkovic ’04

Antonevia A. Ocho-Coultes ’04 and Julian R. Oddman ’06 V

Calver G. Palmer ’04

Assisi Society

Michael J. ’04 and Anna Ferrari V

Tabita Morris ’04 and Joel Morris

Tabitha S. St. Bernard-Jacobs ’04 and Adam Jacobs

Danielle F. Timothy ’04


Clair A. Brown ’04

Ricardo A. Maxwell-Ordain ’04

Zulamis R. Narcisse ’04

Rachel L. ’04 and David L., DO ’03 Peters

Marina V. ’04 and Harry Rana


Dollars Raised: $2,077.92 | Class Participation: 4.21%

Remsen Street

Michael A. Correra ’05 X

Butler Street Club

Marlon D. Joseph ’05 and Jamie Kwasniewski V

Assisi Society

Alicia J. Browne ’05 V

Jaime A. Browne ’05

Amanda M. ’05 and Paul Chang

Gerard McEntee ’05

Daniella J. Nelson ’05

Katie T. Schatz ’05

Belinda R. Thomas ’05

John D. Viggiano ’05


Candice V. Abellard ’05

Kevin ’05 and Athalie Arrington

Kimberly L. Bennett ’05 V

Melissa S. John ’05

Bianca E. O’Brien ’05

Danny A. ’05 and Ivette Plaza V

Gail B. Sylvester-Conrad ’05

Fredy F. Vinansaca ’05


Dollars Raised: $3,010.00 | Class Participation: 3.01%

Remsen Street Club

Rosmery C. ’06 and Jaime Chauca V

Remsen Street Club

Peter ’06 and Miriam E. Kalaev ’06

Red & Blue Club

Elizabeth T. Khalevich ’06 V

Julian R. Oddman ’06 and Antonevia A. Ocho-Coultes ’04 V

Assisi Society

Marlon P. Bennett ’06

Anica C. Mulzac, M.D. ’06 V

Christine C. Pigott ’06 V


Christian L. Brown ’06 and Betsy Frese Brown

Darryl D. ’06 and Natana Celestine

Alfonso Lopez ’06 X

Jennifer Matteo-Acosta ’06

Stepan Mudreac ’06

Jason Whittaker ’06

Tricia S. Edmund-McIntosh ’06 and Trevor McIntosh V


Dollars Raised: $9,107.55 | Class Participation: 2.38%

President’s Club

Samuel M. Rivera, Esq. ’07 and Justina K. Rivera, Esq. ’07

Remsen Street Club

Travis C. Clayton ’07 V

Butler Street Club

Daniel J. Toca ’07

Red & Blue Club

Sarah M. Bratton-Hughes ’07 and Andrew Hughes V

Assisi Society

Cern J. Hector ’07

Sean A. Nicholson ’07 V

Judith C. Ricciardo ’07 X


Catherine M. Gichenje ’07

Charles R. Machado ’07

Sara M. Saad ’07


Dollars Raised: $2,238.22 | Class Participation: 2.54%

President’s Circle

Josephine B. Leone ’08 V

Red & Blue Club

Kennitha A. Allahar ’08

Michael F. Phillips ’08 and Laurie E. Blaske ’08

Cora D.’08 and David Clark X

Assisi Society

Megan E. Husak ’08 V


Katja Bavendam ’08

Maria Ferraro ’08 V

Salvatore Frasca ’08

Christina M. Lindsay ’08

Monique E. ’08 and Jeffrey Shannon

Matthew G. ’08 and Lauren M. ’08 Bertolotti V


Dollars Raised: $5,092.86 | Class Participation: 3.13%

Remsen Street Club

Laura R. Mulcahey ’09 V

Jamaal G. Womack ’09 V

Assisi Society

Giuseppe G. Buscemi ’09

Salvatore P. ’09 and Melissa Demma X

Kathleen A. Mills ’09

Jeannette M. ’10 and John P. ’09 Montes V

Nicholas C. Pomo ’09

Denise Vieni ’09


Laura M. Donodeo ’09

Angela G. Nannetti ’09 and Oscar Orellana

Elizabeth Seemungal ’09 and Nebu Skaria

Chastity Rivera ’09


Dollars Raised: $827.66 | Class Participation: 1.72%

Red & Blue Club

Jeffrey ’10 and Elena Taveras

Assisi Society

Albert L. ’10 and Kerry DiCostanzo

Joseph J. Leone ’10 V

John P. ’09 and Jeannette M. Montes ’10 V


Nicole T. Buccheri ’10

Antoinette V. LaFemina ’10 X

Sean C. Mulligan ’10

Maria L. Rojas ’10


Dollars Raised: $1,496.00 | Class Participation: 2.02%

President’s Club

Angelica Terepka, Psy.D. ’11 V

Remsen Street Club

Deirdre A. Turner Aldridge ’11 and David Aldridge

Butler Street Club

Bono H. Lee ’11 V

Assisi Society

Victoria M. Bombe ’11 X


Gina D. Giles ’11

Aleksandra S. Milanova ’11

Omar A. Perez ’11

Liliana Rodriguez ’11


Dollars Raised: $1,523.58 | Class Participation: 2.04%

Remsen Street Club

Joseph M. Acciarito ’12 and Josephine M. Pagliughi ’13 V

Assisi Society

Hughlon D. Francis ’12

Morgan M. Iburg ’12

Aleksandar ’12 and Marina Pantic

Alexandra M. Santo ’12


Tsveta M. Kaleynska ’12 V

Saverio A. Nardone ’12

Filip Sasic ’12

Nemanja Z. Simonovic ’12

Oliver Williams, IV ’12


Dollars Raised: $1,169.69 | Class Participation: 3.56%

Remsen Street Club

Josephine M. Pagliughi ’13 and Joseph M. Acciarito ’12 V

Red & Blue Club

Tyler W. Clarhaut ’13

Mary E. Gallagher ’13 V

Assisi Society

Kepler B. Auguste ’13

Brendan P. English ’13 V

Nelson Garro ’13 and Esther Martinez

Paul Hudak ’13 V

Adolfo Lara ’13 V

David B. Loutfi ’13


Adeleke M. Adesanya ’13

Danielle N. Adone ’13

Sarah Anwar ’13

Leonard O. Beek ’13

Szabolcs Z. Erdei ’13

Akeem A. Johnson ’13

Chandradath Ramotar ’13 V

Nicole J. Terzulli ’13

Anthony M. Ruggiero ’13

Jamie S. Zheng ’13


Dollars Raised: $1,546.28 | Class Participation: 1.84%

Remsen Street Club

Justin J. Lopez ’14

Assisi Society

Bosko Stankovic ’14 and Marija Grubic V

James Toscano, CPA ’14 V


Winnie C. Arzu ’14

Vincent N. ’14 and Jessica Caruso

Amanda R. Castellano ’14

John ’14 and Elena Guerin

Konstantin I. Koretskiy ’14

Rosemarie Petrizzo ’14

Nikol Santana ’14 X


Dollars Raised: $722.56 | Class Participation: 2.66%

Assisi Society

Karen M. Garcia ’15

Elizabeth C. Peralta ’15 and Alexander Foxwell

Corinne Tully ’15


Anthony M. Desiderio ’15

Robert M. Devita ’15

Natasha O. Edwards ’15

Suzanne N. Garrett ’15

Aleksandar Gavric ’15

Igor Z. Mladenovic ’15

Sarah Sekulovic ’15

Jaymee L. Veney ’15


Dollars Raised: $493.04 | Class Participation: 2.34%

Assisi Society

Adrienne M. Avedissian ’16

Andrew D. Cormack ’16

Marko Gencic ’16

Steve H. Middelijn ’16


Marta Billan ’16

Andy Calixto ’16

Margaret L. ’16 and Andrew Cormack

Bora Dimitrov ’16 V

Theresa M. Franchi ’16

Stephanie M. Morales ’16

Mikheil Petrosyan ’16 and Cady Gifford

Balint Toth ’16


Dollars Raised: $1,158.97 | Class Participation: 4.32%

Red & Blue Club

Phoebe W. Lee ’17 V

Assisi Society

Morgan M. Allison ’17 V

Nicholas P. Barone ’17

James Cafiero ’17

John Cheung ’17

Andella Taylor Hughes ’17

Mackenzie L. Iburg ’17

Gina Piro ’17


Brittany Bowman ’17

Katherine N. Cardy ’17 V

Nicholas A. Ferrero ’17

Robert A. Glass ’17

Yasmeen M. Hassan ’17

Xiangfei Li ’17

Michael G. Marciano ’17

Noelia V. Noboa ’17

Corinne M. Ramos ’17

Adriannah I. Rodriguez ’17

Krisztina Rudinszky ’17

Veronica D. Sanders ’17

Sophia E. Sinko ’17

Niehely Sosa ’17

Kathleen A. Szuhany ’17

Meghan D. Wing ’17


Dollars Raised: $569.79 | Class Participation: 1.88%

Red & Blue Club

Marlina M. Reid ’18


Dominick Barbato ’18

Melanie K. Brooks ’18

Martin Joksimovikj ’18

Miguel A. Medrano ’18

Christopher J. Pashayan ’18

Vanessa C. Rivera ’18

Luis Velez ’18

Nikola Zivkovic ’18


Dollars Raised: $2,013.85 | Class Participation: 3.61%

Remsen Street Club

Dillon C. ’19 and Karissa Jodhan

Remsen Street Club

Vincent Longobardi ’07, ’19

Red & Blue Club

Mary Jane Anderson ’19

Assisi Society

Quynh T. Dang ’19

Danielle R. Francavilla ’19

Romello Q. Rogers ’19


Jimmy Blanc ’19

Stephen A. Daperis ’19

Colin M. Devin ’19

Amal Hawari ’19

Emily Kriebel ’19

Patrick McDermott ’19

Sean F. McDonnell ’19

Joseph M. Pedone ’19

Nikita Prokhin ’19

Mireya G. Ramirez ’19

Samecia Sanders ’19

Arianna A. Sartzetakis ’19

Evann St Jude Anderson ’19

David Tottori ’19

Giselle Torres ’19


Dollars Raised: $576.16 | Class Participation: 6.55%

Assisi Society

Timothy P. Cecere, Jr. ’20

David B. Loutfi ’13, ’20


Tadeu S. A. Alberto Rodrigues ’20

Robert Allende ’20 V

Nicholas Arias ’20

Michael A. Baker ’20

Luka Budak ’20

Addison E. Diaz ’20

Orville A. Dixon ’20

Salvatore Fatta ’20

Zoe J. Felix ’20

Jade E. Johnson ’20

Lara Milak ’20

Benedek Molnar ’20

Lauren Montgomery ’20

Julia Olivares ’20

Savannah Padilla ’20

Runsi Patro ’20

Vukasin Petrovic ’20

Martina Radinovic ’20

Jessica ’20 and Daniel Ricketts

Matheus Santos ’20

Micah Wesselhoff ’20

Current Students

Remsen Street Club

Diane Genova

Butler Street Club

Christopher Gruver

AnnaMaria Leal

Red and Blue Club

Bohdan and Maria Drobenko

Assisi Society

Nicholas P. Barone

Michael Bova

Mackenzie L. Iburg ’17

Benedek Lendvai

Amanda Y. Lima

Virgil Simpson

Ashtyn Kennedy Van Horn


Vanessa Acquafredda

Abigail S. Anderson

Evann St Jude Anderson ’19

Beatriz Angelo

Tolulope A. Atolagbe

Danae Barkley

Joshua C. Beausil

Matthew D. Bernstein

Keiandra A. Blair

Christina Bonanno

Margaret Boston

Carmen Botha

Erin Breakey

Brianna Andrea Browne

Allysha Bryant

Tavis Charvis

PeiJi Chen

Tina Childress

Alfred William Anders Christensson

Taylor N. Coley

Owen Comer

Maeve Conlon

Reannah Cousseillent

Samu M. Csordas

Ginna Dammann

Marko Danev

Steven L. Dawkins

Robert M. Devita ’15

Sarah DeWitt

Zane Drobenko

Zoe Drobenko

Fatime Dukova

Emily Elizabeth Eckelmeyer

Carlotta Engel

Alyssa Fisher

Melissa Garcia

Liliana Garita

Inbar Geva

Breanna Gleissner

Spiro Goga

Isabelle S. Gollette

Angelina E. Gonzalez

Ashley N. Gonzalez

Bianca M. Gonzalez

Raphaelle Gregoire

Maria Grijalva

Andrew Gubarev

Jevaughn A. Harvey

Catherine A. Hayes

Kirra W. Hemric

Dominik Hevesi

Valentin Horvath

Terell M. Howard

Cody-Alexander Jones

Jenna C. Jordan

Tom Just

Sarah A. Kamara

Jordan Kelly

Klil Keshwar

Nerma Kolenovic

Jean-Na Koo

Emily Kriebel ’19

Martha Kristina Lakhan

Mary K. Lakhan

Dea Lako

William C. Lapkin

Alexandra S. Lassen

Kathleen Rae Leone

Emma Leto

Najhe London

Henriette Lykke

Yawara G. MacNeill

Maya Madjercic

Binald Mahmuti

Ivana J. Marrero Diaz

Citlally Martínez Valle

Maria T. Masi

Victor L. Masi

Frederick A. McCoy

Michael McGoldrick

Mary Catherine McKendry

Kayla McKenzie

Jada N. McMillan

Miguel A. Medrano ’18

Nicholas Mejia

Adrian Mena

Jasmine Miller

Princess Anastasia Missigher

Nicolas M. Molina

Reginald L. Monteau

Ana Paula Montes de Oca

Kervin J. Morgan

Margaret G. Motolese

Juliana C. Munoz

Callima Munro

Ricardo Navarro

Miroslava Nebunu

Keanu Nelson

Angelee E. Ng

Daniel S. Olsson-Shirazi

Lexis Ortiz

Damilare S. Oyetibo

Nicole Pantaleon

Valentina Papeo

Eva L. Papista

Vladimir Pashkevich

Janee A. Patterson

Austin M. Pearce

Joseph M. Pedone ’19

Karen P. Pineda

Boris Posavec

Jacqueline G. Puda

Gayathri A. Rajesh

Tate Renata

Cayln A. Richardson

Francine Roccanova

Perla Rodriguez

Shedrick S. Rodriguez

Hannah Russell

Veronica D. Sanders ’17

Relja Savic

Samantha Scott

Jamie-Lyn Shimamoto

Thea Simpson

William Simpson

Shanae Sinclair

Oormi Sivapatham

Jamore J. Smart

Luis F. Sotos

Alexandra L. Speweik

Angela G. Speweik

Angelica Stark

Djordje Stoiljkovic

Fanny M. Stromstedt

Lia Tasher

Jason Taylor

Alexander Teplitsky

Jovana Terzic

Julian Steven Texidor

Kennedi Thompson

Trystan Thompson-Cotterell

Jaimie Victoria Timbol

David Tottori ’19

Sara J. Tschida

Brianna S. Van Giesen

Attila Vastag

Meriton Veliu

Maria D. Ventura

Chance C. White

Jason Whittaker ’06

Ella L. Wienbeck

Abigail Wood

Aniyah M. Yetman

Nikola Zivkovic ’18


La Verna Society

Tim BT and Diane Cecere P’20 V

Founders Circle

Barbara A. Dugan XV

Charter Society

Domenick and Wendy Cama X

President’s Club

Jerome ’76 and Patricia A. ’83 Williams XV

Remsen Street Club

Thomas E., Sr. and Patricia L. Alberto X

Gerard H. ’60 and Charline Gannon XV

John E. ’77 and Kathleen Klemm V

Michael C. Lasky, Esq. and Margaret Einhorn V

Shelia Martin V

Victor J. Masi, DO ’89 BT and Teresa Stuto-Masi ’91 XV

Butler Street Club

Edward R. and Alice A. James X

Susan Weisman X

Michael E. and Marija F. Wierzbicki X

Red & Blue Club

Ted and Levette Bell

Timothy and Paula DeWitt

Bohdan and Maria Drobenko

Michael ’85 and Theresa Maher V

Frank D. ’75 and Michele Petrizzo XV

William J. and Dolores A. Powers

Thomas and Kellyanne Tully

Assisi Society

Arthur E. Anderson V

Teresa Anderson V

Diane Billera

Marianne Boston

Hubert and Mary Brybag V

Elizabeth Budig X

Andrew P. and Janet Cahalan X

John and Deborah J. Cisek V

Paul and Doris Derosa

Nora DeVaney

Daniel W. and Liza Q. Diehl

Edward and Marggie Evans V

Jeffrey Felix

Thomas Ferris

Edward and Deidre Finnegan

Hugh E. ’61 and Geraldine A. Gallagher V

Diane Kavanaugh-Anderson X

Dennis M. ’64 and Ann Kennedy X

Raymond and Kathleen Leone V

Richard and Laura LoRubbio

Jean R. and Marie O. Louis V

Brendan and Alexandra MacDonnell

Roger and Lori A. Marino V

Frank and Lisa Morganti

Robert J. ’71 and Mary Ellen Murphy XV

Richard and Martha Navarra

Louis A. Pastina V

Loriann Pigott

Mel A. and Laura A. Pynn

Robert and Cheryl Siemer

Paul and Christine Stark

Deborah Taylor

Michael ’94 and Honey Marie E. ’92 Theogene XV


Arlene Alleyne-Lewis

Bridget Anderson

John Azzolini V

Ronald Bara

Patrick and Jennifer Buell

Stanislaw and Weronika Chelminski

Leighton Cotterell and Nicole Thompson-Cotterell

Renee and Linda ’93 Destouches

Pierre Desulme

Vita Domingo V

Mary Donahue-Maxham

John E. Donodeo

Thomas and Alfa Ferraro

Judith Franzo V

James and Bernadette Geissler XV

Brendon and Adessa Geissler

John and Justine Kosinski

Lokenauth and Hilda Lall

Joseph and Margaret Lo Giudice

Herman and Debra Margulies

John + and Denise McGuinness

Michael S. and Eileen McNamara V

Ann Marie Misiti

Stephenson N. and Shelley S. Mitchell

Donald and Louise Murray

George and Michele L. Noulas

John ’77 and Theresa Pastore X

Fred and Christy Quartlebaum

Ronald Russell, Jr.

Leory Smith and Terene Walters-Smith

Charmaine Stevenson

Joseph C., DPM and Sue Stuto XV

Richard and Angela Turello

Britt Van Giesen


San Damiano Society

Catherine E. Clarke +

La Verna Society

Thomas and Paula McInerney

Fred and Judith A. Wilpon V

Jerry and Jane Wolff XV

Founder’s Circle

Catherine Greene BT X

Alex and Terri Rohan

Vincent A. Rohan + X

Charter Society

John and Denise Buran

William BT and Imogen B. Cline

Patricia Henry

Lester J. and Barbara Owens V

Joseph and Barri Savasta V

President’s Council

James Argutto V

Nicholas R. Caiazzo, Esq. V

Carolyn Callahan X

Robert B. and Joan Catell XV

Edward W. and Catherine Connolly V

Thomas F. and Eileen Flood X

George Lewis V

Miguel Martinez-Saenz, Ph.D. and Julie Holland

Joseph M. Esq. and Mary Ann Mattone XV

Michael O’Keeffe X

Lauren Rowinski

Robert G. and Kellie M. Sumberac V

Barbara A. Tuck V

President’s Circle

Calvin Baker and Lidia Paz-Baker

Sean M. Brady, Jr.

Ralph Bumbaca

Louis A. DiBella

Alexander Dombroff

John and Karen Ferguson V

Rev. Msgr. Kieran Harrington V

John A. Loconsolo V

Mary T. Macchiarola XV

Michael C. and Jennifer P. Macchiarola

Edward and Marisol Mafoud

Robert D. and Colleen Manfred

Marilyn T. McAuliffe

Shepard Poole

Julian R. Sale

Frank and Tracy Scahill V

Thomas J. BT and Anita Volpe XV

Clare Walker XV

William A. Walker

David Zevin, Esq.

President’s Club

Bruce J. and Susan A. Carusi X

George Clark, III

Peter Coombe and Betty Chen V

Orville W. Dale XV

C. Nathan Dee, Esq.

Most Rev. Nicholas DiMarzio XV

August DiRenzo

Adelino R. Franquinha

Dozier Hasty and Nancy Havens-Hasty

Leslie S. Jacobson, Ph.D. BT XV

Angelo Markatos

Peter McMahon

Allen Newman

Kevin S. O’Rourke and Eunice Ro XV

Martin P. and Marie Russo

Kalen Stickelman

Remsen Street Club


Jeff Ankrom

John Arceri

James Austin V

Kirsten M. Beck

Eddie C. and Carmen S. Brown

Ms. Jacqui Canney

Rosario Cassata

Robert Catalano

Celeste C. Cellini V

Rhea Clark

Michael Clarke, Jr.

Brian Costigan

Barry Dalton

Louis and Cathy D’Elia

James F. and Carolyn K. Derby

Salvatore DiLorenzo

Gary Donahue

Tony Donnelly

Jeffrey J. Drapala, MBA

Timothy Faughnan

Jared Gellert

Maureen Moore and Robert C. + Golden X

Peter Grassotti and Karen A. Di Santo-Grassotti X

Chris Hand

Thomas Iadanza

Raymond and Felicia Ippolito

Garry J. Kearns

Thomas and Shalini Kissane V

Daniel P. Klein

Harry Klug V

Brian Lang

Harold Laubscher

William K. and Florence Lavin V

Thomas G. Layden

John A. and Suzanne Lynch

Barbara Mahon

Patrick J. and Kathleen H. McHugh

Davis Mclaughlin

Charles and Mary McQuade X

Edward D. and Carol A. Miller

Kevin and Mary J. Murphy

Raymond O’Dwyer

Barbara Pineda X

Robert Ragen V

Sergio Raymundo

Peter Reynolds

James G. and Karin E. Ryan

Jennifer Sage

Geoffrey Horlick, Ph.D. and Sally Sherwood XV

Neil and Lauren Shroff

Claire Silberman

Jody Silva

Petter Sorum and Noriko Watanabe

Timothy and Paula Sullivan

Glenn VanBramer and Joni Yoswein

Arlene A. Whalen V

Butler Street Club

Paul Andruskiewicz

Rev. Msgr. John J. Bracken BT V

Alice A. Callaghan V

Guy and Carol Carlsen XV

Rev. Msgr. David L. Cassato

Richard Conley and Kathleen A. Nolan

Brian Crimmins

Peter Daniti

Lowell Dashefsky and Linda Werbel-Dashefsky XV

Mary Beth Dawson, Ph.D. BT and Matt Charles V

Christopher DeCunzo

Edward Drayton

Terence Farrell

Kamila Germano

Pamela Goldsmith

George Henry V

Mark Kleinknecht

Peter Labbat and Karen Kiehl

Joseph S. and Valerie Louzonis XV

Marie Ludlow

Peter and Martha Macchio

Ann Mangone V

Errol C. Marquis V

John E. and Maryann Martin

Barry Mclaughlin

Joanne McNeill

Feri Nimani

Michelle D. Novak V

Mike Purdy V

Vanessa I. Rosado

Lindalou Ryczak V

Angela Siliato-Acciarito V

Jeffrey Silverstein

Stephen and Corinne Smolizza

Richard and Pamela Stolz

Joseph and Serena Tillman

Carlo and Flora L. Tramontozzi

Nicholas B. Valastro

Margherita Valluzzi

Michele Van Orden

Barry G. Walter V

Joanna Wine

Red & Blue Club

Robert Allesandro

Craig Ariano

Raymond Beier

Louis and Carol Beierle

Mary B. Bennett V

Marilyn Blanchette

Daniel J. Buzby

Albert Caccese

Fred Catanese

Diana Catherines

Jennifer Clark

Thomas Constance

Walter J. and Patricia Cook

Mashariki Daniels

Nicholas DeMarco

Susan Dennis

Leo Deonarine

Thomas Doonan

Paula Edgar

James Favilla

Theresa Fesefeldt

Paula Fichtner X

Mary Flanagan

Dennis Flood

Eileen M. Flood

Robert A. Friedlander

William C., Jr. and Ann C. Gartner V

Sean P. Gilleran V

Mark Goreczny

Michael Hayes

Grace Hudson XV

Eugene L. Jesinkey and Regina Weber-Jesinkey

Cheryl A. Kelly

Susan Malfa

Martin G. and Patricia A. McTigue

Daniel and Alexis Musca

Charles Natitus

Eli Nichtberger

Bro. Gabriel O’Brien, OSF BT

Michael O’Connor

Timothy O’Regan

Andrew Orenstein

Alice B. Owens

Genoveva Perso

John E. and Louise A. Redden

Sal Rexha

Barry D. and Susan L. Richards X

Travis Roberts

Joel Rothfus and Michelle Hirsch, Ph.D. V

Jeffrey Samuel

Susan Sandler

Stephanie Schulz

Mike Shoja

Ada Idris Simonsen

Casey Surdi

Supoj Tanchajja, M.D. X

Jules, Jr. + and Emmlynn L. Taylor

Anamaria Terepka

Joseph Valenti

Steven J. Vallo V

Stephen Waldorf V

Keith Weinkauf

John Welch XV

Assisi Society

Jennifer Acosta

Zdenka Agoglia

Anthony and Elise Albanese X

Aaron L. and Holly Anglin

Vincent W. Ansanelli, III, Esq.

Andrea Arcarola V

Kareen Armstrong

Theodore and Gloria L. Bajo X

Leonard Baker XV

Anthony Bamonte

Shamus M. Barnes

Anna Barrett

Tina Bennet

Christina Bennett

Peter and Antonia Bertolozzi

Shane Biffar

Laura Biondo Phillips

John T. Biscone, Esq.

Anna M. Borsje

Gregory Brady

Mark and Therese Brinken X

John Buck

Bianca Calcagnini

Chad Cascadden

Paul Cerni

Vincent R. Cervone

Mark Christiana

Benjamin A. and Emily K. M. Ciesinski V

Charles and Sandra Cochran

Patrizia A. and John M. Cortazzo

John and Sheila M. Costello

Delphine F. Covell

Arkell Cox BT

Corinne Cravotta

Hugh Cunningham

Judy Curry

Gregory R., M.D. and Maria D’Onofrio

Theresa D’albora

Louis Damiano

Miquel Davila

Steven A. Dean and Jennifer Wingate, Ph.D. X

Robert Dearstyne

Frank Delia

Margaret A. DeMatteis V

Donald K. Dewey and Santa Parisi-Dewey

Timothy Dickson

Blaise and Carmen Didio X

Patty Dilello

Casey Dillon

Ann Dolan

Carole Donnelly

Philip Donnelly

Edmund D. and Angela M. Donofrio

Francis G. Donovan

Linda Downes V

Bernard J. and Kathryn M. Duffy

Jane C. Duggan

Barbara Elias

Judy Fallon

Kevin Finkbein

Edmond + and Barbara Flood X

James Forkey

Walter and Linda Fox

James Gambino X

Christopher M. Gando

Jenay Garner

John S. Garretto

Thomas Garry

Peter Gee

Sandra Geiss

Nando Ghorchian

Leonidas Giakoumis

Liz Giordano

Robert and Muriel Giugliano

Steven T. Gonley

Angela Gray

Ranait Griff

Anila Gunawardana

Raymond C. Habib

Paula Harney +

Bo Healey

Barbara C. Healy

Doug Heitkamp

Andrew Helene

Reginald Henry

James T. and Robin W. Higgins V

Charisse S. Hiigel V

Kimberly Holt

Leonard Honig XV

Robert Hopkins

John House

Kelly Howell

Maja Hrnjicevic

James M. Hunter, Ph.D.

Frank and Antonietta Inzerelli

Joseph G. and Ginny Izzo

Lynne K. Jackson, Ph.D. XV

Tessa Jackson

Beverly Jacobs

Jeff Jacobson V

Kareem Jawdat

Rev. Brian J. Jordan, OFM V

Patricia Jusiega

David and Lyn Kaplan

Louis G. and Ensi Kaufman

Bobbe L. Kennedy

Donald E. Kent V

Andrew J. Koslosky

Tiffany Lane

Louise Latty V

Timothy Lawlor

E. C. and Nicholetta Lazzaro

Thomas P. Leahy and Guillermina Gomez-Leahy

Michael and Tara Leary

Melinda Lee

Lars Loman and Sharon Kerrigan Loman

Nicholas S. Lorch

John Lynch

Douglas Lyon

Margherita Magnano

Veronica Maguire XV

Marina Mahoney

Michele Maloney

Pete Martin

Dino Mastorakis

Rose Mazza

Brendan and Jacqueline A. McCann

Eileen A. McCann

Gerard and Erika McCarty

William McGoldrick

Michael McGuigan

Joseph Kevin McKay V

Matthew Meagher

Matthew A. and Marykate Meyer

Donna Mollenhauer

Salvatore and Maureen Monaco

Janet A. Muccigrosso

Sean Mullen and Elizabeth Kussy

Patrick Muncie V

Gregory Murdoch

John Naughter

Alice Novak

Ted Occhialino

Catherine O’Hara

Gerard Parisi

Lynn Parkerson

Virginia Petrucelli

Rev. Msgr. Michael J. Phillips V

Martin Piazzola

Gerald D. Pucci

Frank Puda

Mel A. and Laura A. Pynn

Mary C. Quigley XV

Nancy Radday

James J. Radigan

John Ragno X

Francisco and Jeanine M. Ramirez V

Dominick Rappazzo

James and Bernadette Reddy

Maryann Regan

Russ Regan

John C. Reilly

Richard Riccio

Elizabeth Rich

Kathy Riley

Anthony and Giovanna Robinson

Cheretta J. Robson

Adam Rodabaugh and Lauren Albanese

Julia A. Rogge V

Joshua Saez

Carol M. Salazar

Jerome Sawyer

Frank Scalera

Denise Scaravella

Raymond Schaefer

Vicki Scneps

Natalie Scolamiero V

Margo Scudillo

Thomas P. and Dorothy A. Seery X

Roni Shoyfer

Jeffrey Silverstein

Shahnaz Singh-Kandah

Nicholas Skirka

Francis Smith and Lorraine M. Allen-Smith

John Smith

Jessica Soto

Richard Stern

Gertrude Stevens

Kenneth Stolls

Jean M. Stonier X

Thelma Stuart

Sam Sued

Herminia Sullivan XV

Albert H. and Valda Swanke

Lou Switzer

Radek Terepka

James G. and Ann G. Thompson

Agnes Tomaselli

Paulette Toscano

Mark and Jennifer M. Turner X

Elena R. Wahlert V

Claire Wallace V

Michael A. Watkins, Sr.

Joyce T. Williams V

Dena and William Wise

William and Stella R. Yellin V

Patricia Young X

Joan Yovine

Paul J. Zakshevsky V


Khaled Al Sahybi

Alexis Petit

Matt Anderson

Robert M. Anderson

Genrietta Arena

Gerald Argutto

Jim and Diane Assante

Constantin Bastorea

Paul and Rosalyn Battaglino

Richard Bauer, Jr.

Steven Becerra

Oscar B. and Camille Bering

Eugene D. Bernhard

Jim and Veronica Blendell

Francesca G. Bliss

Jovana Bojinovic

William Boone

Connie Borriello

Neeley Boston

Anne Bove, RN X

Susanne Boyd

Diane Bradford

Anthony Brancato

Alice and Leo Bresnahan

Michael Briscoe

Patricia Briscoe

Rosa Brito

Matthew J. and Michele Brunton V

Anthony Burns V

Sophie Burns XV

Richard Calcaterra

Marie Callesano

Rosmery Camilo

Agnes Caminiti X

Jeannine M. Carbone

John T. and Sheila A. Carroll

Nicholas Ceggia

Mary Clamser

Trish Comer

Mian Conde

Elizabeth Connolly

Janet Connolly V

Thomas D. and Jane E. Conole

Jean M. Cooke X

Nelson and Ketsia Cyprien

Andrea Dill

Patricia Dalm Moreland

John D. Debenedetto

John J. and Alice Delury V

Stephen J. DeSalvo

Dana DiMaria-Surace

Zenel Doda

James Dolan

Jonnica Donnelly

Raymond P. and Alicia K. Donnelly

Bill Donovan

Katherine Dunford

Arthur Dunn

Kavin Duraku

James A. Errico and Erica Needham-Errico

Mauro N. and Frances E. Fanelli

Edward and Ellen Fannon

John P. Farkas

Gerald and Nancy Fine

Jason Finkbein

Dorothea D. Foley

Greg Foss

Kathleen Friend

Abigail Fuchs

Olivia Gallego Saez

Gerard Garcia

James and Bernadette Geissler XV

Patrick and Kesha Gerald

Haralambia Giapoutzis

Charles V. and Viola Gibilaro

Thomas and Lisa K. Giovatto

Thomas Gipson

Paul Gitto

Glen Gleissner

Jane Gontha

Eric Graeve

Eileen M. Greene

Donna Greenidge

Deanna Gregory

Maryann Handron

Charles and Beatrice Hansen

Robert M. Healey

Kathleen Heeb

Vincent Anthony Hernandez

Michael J. Holland

Brian Hynes

Kevin Jaca

Henry A. Jackson, Jr.

Leonidas Jimenez

Shoman John

Rich Karniewicz

Stanely Karniewicz

Kathleen Kearney

Dana A. Kelly

Derick Kerr

Paul Killian

Francis X. and Marjorie B. King

Michael Kramek

Jennifer Krist

Marina La Cagnina

Mark Laber

Nicole Lajom

John C. Lamanno

Dana and Carl Laquidara

Mary P. Latham

Diane Leconte

Jorge Leyva

Diane Lombardi

Tyler Lombardi

Michael R. and Eileen F. Long

Maria Lopez

Eleanor Lynch +

Thomas D. Lynch, Jr.

Ulana Lysniak

Rudolph and Sina Macak

Natalie Mahalec

Philip J. and Lillian Maida X

Carol Malefsky

Sidney Mann

Stephen Maresca

Angelo Maropakis

Peter McDermott

James H. McDonald

John + and Denise McGuinness

Elizabeth M. McGuire

Elizabeth McLoughlin

Michael S. and Eileen McNamara V

Keith Megnussen

Antonio Merlo

Vladimir Mickic

Jacqueline Miller

Sharon Misaka Van Giesen

Jordan Moore

Tomas Moscato

Patricia Mulligan V

William L. Murray, Jr.

Rossi Ojeda

Brian O’Keefe

Kathleen Owen

Nicole Pacapelli

McKayla Palhof

Lynda Pantazis

Michael J. and Ann R. Pedreschi

Patricia Pelle

Rhonda Perretto

Helene Phelan V

Angela Pugliese

Nancy Pugliese

John and Kerry Quaglione

Devin Rensing

Esther Rentas

Marilyn F. Riley

Simcha and Pearl Rivkin

Richard Robelotto

Roberto Rodriguez

Jane M. Rogers

Hanne Romstad

Lisa A. Rose-Bazzani

Candice L. Rossi

Chloe Rost

Erin S. Rubin

Ronald and June Russell

Anibal Saez, Jr.

Edward Salvatore

Rashad A. Saqui

Maryann Schager V

Jon Schermerhorn

Lauren Schewel

Dominick Sciancalepore

Constance Sciolto

Mary Scully

Katherine M. Searle

Mark G. and Paual M. Searle

Stephen Senna

Gianmarco Serio

Maritza Shelley

Edward Sideri

Cynthia B. Skolnik V

William Slow

David Smart

Joe Smith

Leory Smith and Terena Walters-Smith

Sean Smith

Sabrina Solomon

Nicole Stevens

John Strolbert

Margaret J. Studdard

Teresa R. Terenzi

Alex Terepka

Saundra Thomas

Gerard Trapp, Jr.

Harold J. Elias and Mary A. Tully

Luis Valentin

Ivan and Maria Vamos

Sabina Vance

Albion Veliu

Marilyn A. Verna, Ed.D. V

Henry and Sueson Vess

Eli Vitrano

Drew Von Bargen

Masa Vuksic

Tyshawn Walker

Keon Wilson

Edmond Wing

Kevin Winters

Brooke Wood

Charles and Joan Yanni

Wayne Zweigbaum


Charter Society

Emily Horowitz, Ph.D. V

President’s Council

Bro. Gregory Cellini, OSF X

Thomas F. Flood X

Miguel Martinez-Saenz, Ph.D.

President’s Circle

James E. Corrigan, Ph.D. ’60 XV

John J. McCabe ’65

President’s Club

Louis P. D’Elia, Ph.D.

Gale Gibson-Gayle, Ed.D.

Madalyn M. Hanley ’80 XV

Jennifer M. Lancaster, Ph.D. V

Eleanor Nordholm

Kevin S. O’Rourke XV

Remsen Street Club

Glenn A. Braica X

Jaime Chauca V

Travis C. Clayton ’07 V

Irma Garcia ’80 XV

Richard A. Giaquinto, Ph.D. XV

Ruben N. Gonzalez ’04 XV

Matthew C. Hogan ’01 XV

Geoffrey Horlick, Ph.D. XV

Timothy J. Houlihan, Ph.D.

Christopher A. Hughes V

Maureen Lawrence

Dennis J. McDermott ’74 XV

Robert A. Oliva ’04 XV

Mary O’Shea

Monique M. Pryor, Esq.

Leah Schmerl

Jamaal G. Womack ’09 V

Butler Street Club

Angel Francis

Charles A. Giardino ’04 X

Marlon D. Joseph ’05 V

Yadira M. Moran-Ulrich ’02 X

Kathleen A. Nolan, Ph.D.

Corinne Smolizza

Susan Weisman X

Linda Werbel Dashefsky XV

Bro. Edward Wesley, OSF, Ph.D. ’68

Marija F. Wierzbicki X

Red & Blue Club

Kennitha A. Allahar ’08

Michael F. Carney

Louis P. Celano ’71 V

Alexandria M. Egler, Ph.D. XV

Suzanne Forsberg, Ph.D. V

David B. Gardella ’97

Uwe P. Gielen, Ph.D. XV

Elizabeth A. Giugliano V

Bobby Glover

Michele Hirsch, Ph.D. X

Monica Michalski ’01

Antonevia A. Ocho-Coultes ’04 V

Michael F. Phillips ’08

Marlina M. Reid ’18

Susan L. Richards X

Frank Sorrentino, Ph.D. X

Emily Ward

Assisi Society

Esther Adebayo-Olojo, Ph.D.

Kristen Anderson

Steven A. Anolik, Ph.D.

Nicholas P. Barone ’17

Maria T. Blandino ’03

Kathleen Boyd

Daphne Bramble

Alicia J. Browne ’05 V

Oswaldo Cardona, Jr.

Benjamin A. Ciesinski V

Linda Cimino

Michelle Congo

Andrew D. Cormack ’16

Alison L. Dell, M.D.

John R. Dilyard, Ph.D. XV

Dionne A. Dodson

Dr. Timothy V. Dugan V

Melissa A. Duron ’03 V

James A. Errico

Edward Evans V

Karen M. Garcia ’15

Richard R. Grasso V

Kathleen B. Gray

Mackenzie L. Iburg ’17

Michael Kaminski, Ph.D.

Joseph V. Kelly X

Naomi Kinley V

David B. Loutfi ’13

Ian S. Maloney, Ph.D.

Margaret Martini-Minieri V

Kathleen A. Mills ’09

Lance C. Mincey

Victor Murillo

Jennifer Ng

Stephanie Ochoa

Ric M. Payne

Carl P. Quigley ’75 XV

Romello Q. Rogers ’19

Miriam Salholz, J.D. X

Erez Shochat, Ph.D. ’97 XV

Theresa L. Sweeny

Behrouz H. Tabrizi, Ph.D.

Gregory F. Tague, Ph.D. V

Denise Vieni ’09

Jennifer Wingate, Ph.D. X


Ghazala N. Afzal

Robert Allende ’20 V

Makeda Amha

Phyllis Anderson

Clive Bentick V

Monet Bernard

Lauren M. Bertolotti ’08 V

Alana Burgess

Andrew Cornicello V

Jessica Coscia

Anthony M. Desiderio ’15

Robert M. Devita ’15

Arthur A. DiClementi, Ph.D. ’66 X

Bora Dimitrov ’16 V

Daniel DiPrenda

Mark Donnelly

Sheree T. Edmund

Michael Fiorella

Alicia S. Gaffey

Ronald Ganulin V

David J. Gewirtz

Thomas Giovatto

Jennifer B. Graham

Brian C. Gregory

Mary C. Guadagni

Brian Guidera V

Nurullah Hajra

Yasmeen M. Hassan ’17

James W. Hoffman

Patricia Hughes

Alyssa James

Tsveta M. Kaleynska ’12 V

Jennifer Leedham

Mitchell Levenberg

Justine Lombardi

John A. Lombardo, CPA V

Belen Lowrey-Kinberg

Naila Mahmood

Desiree Marrero

Amable B. Martinez

Colleen McConie

John McNamara, Ph.D. X

Yuki Miyazawa V

Susan A. Mulderrig

Steven J. Mullins ’83 X

Timothy M. Nagy

Anilsa Nunez

Dwight M. Olson, Ph.D.

Vladimir Pashkevich

Nickie Phillips, Ph.D.

Michael Pitkowsky

Danny A. Plaza ’05 V

Mary A. Pradt V

Sagine Relyea V

Amy R. Riber

Ellis J. Riley

Vanessa C. Rivera ’18

Joseph E. Ryan, Ph.D.

Samantha Scott

Joseph J. Senisi

Maliek Sterrett

Tearanny Street

Luis E. Velez

Adriana C. Warning

Mona Wasserman

Jason Whittaker ’06

Sandra D. Williams

Marie Zachary X

Jamie S. Zheng ’13

Corporations and Foundations

La Verna Society

Judy and Fred Wilpon Family Foundation, Inc. V

T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc. XV

Founder’s Circle

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund X

May Ellen and Gerald Ritter Foundation

Vanguard Charitable Endowment X

Charter Society

Bank of America Charitable Foundation X

BNY Mellon

Brown Brothers Harriman XV

Catholic Foundation for Brooklyn and Queens

ExxonMobil Foundation

Flushing Bank V

Investors Bank V

J.N. Savasta Corp.

KPMG Foundation

Morgan Stanley X

National Grid Foundation

Northfield Bank Foundation

Penn Mutual

The Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation, Inc.

Philip J. Solondz Family Foundation V

Robin Hood

TD Charitable Foundation

President’s Council

Anonymous X

Ayco Charitable Foundation V

The Benevity Community Impact Fund V

Brown Capital Management, LLC

Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. V

The Cline Family Foundation

Collins Building Services, Inc. V

Con Edison Company

Cullen & Dykman X

Cushman & Wakefield

Ernst & Young Foundation V

Fidelity Brokerage Services V

Industry City

Interpacific Group Inc.

KPMG Foundation X

MACRow Foundation V

Mulvaney Family Foundation V

National Grid XV

The National Italian American Foundation, Inc. X

Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts Program XV

PJ Callahan Foundation, Inc. X

Ridgewood Savings Bank XV

Scahill Law Group P.C. V

Waldorf Risk Solutions, LLC XV

The Water Club

President’s Circle

Academy Services, Inc. V

Community Foundation of the Florida Keys

Damascus Bakery, Inc.

Deloitte Foundation X

DeSales Media Group, Inc. X

DiBella Entertainment

The Fallon Group

HeartShare Human Services V

The Lawrence I. and Blanche H. Rhodes Memorial Fund

Mastercard Worldwide V

Nor Gee Real Estate, LLC

Ridgewood Savings Bank

Rockville Quinn Management LLC

Shaub Ahmuty Citrin & Spratt

TD Bank V

The Vanguard Group

USAA Federal Saving Bank

Verizon Foundation XV

Victoria Loconsolo Foundation V

Walker Family Fund

President’s Club

Big Guy Foundation V

Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens V

Donnelly Mechanical HVAC Energy Services

East Coast Energy Foundation

Firequench Inc.

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation V

Imagine Swimming

Live Nation Entertainment

Martin Russo PLLC

Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation

Moritt Hock & Hamroff, LLC

Prospect Street Administrators

Roman Catholic Diocese of Brooklyn X

Vanguard Charitable

Voya C/O Frontstream V

Remsen Street Club

Agoglia, Holland & Agoglia, P.C.

American Fire Safety Consultants

American Housing Foundation, Inc.

Anderson Kill

B&L Cognitive Behavioral Psychology PLLC

Bishop Loughlin High School V

Cobalt Mechanical

Community Counselling Service, Co. V

The Cullinan and Travaglianti Group

DD Steel Inc.

Diocesan Food Service X

Emerge Education

Fast Track Construction X

GGC 155 Realty LLC

Goldman Sachs & Co.

Goldman, Sachs & Co. Matching Gift Program

Grandstand Sports & Memorabilia, Inc.

Iadanza Family Charitable Fund

IBM Matching Grants Program

Jefferies & Company, Inc.

JP Morgan Chase Foundation X

JTech Contracting Inc.

Landman Corsi Ballaine & Ford P.C.

Masana Portrait Artwork NYC

Merrill Lynch Retirement Disbursement

Morgan Stanley

New York City Runs

The New York Community Trust X

New York Life Insurance & Annuity

Okapi Partners, LLC. V


Summit Security Services, Inc.

Tri-State Plumbing


Waterfront Consulting

We Energies Foundation


Xaverian High School XV

Yoswein New York

Butler Street Club

147 Remsen Street

313 Development LLC

AKF Group, LLC

American Funds

Anheuser-Busch Companies, Inc.

Aristocrat Paint Contractors

Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund

Changing Our World, Inc.


Community Foundation for the Greater Capital Region

The Dow Chemical Company Foundation

Knights Of Columbus

Knights of Columbus Parkway Council # 1433 V

LPL Financial Resources Group

Mallozzi & Dwyer, P.C. V

Merill Lynch


MTM Resources

New York Life Foundation V

Pershing Advisor Solutions, LLC

Pipin’s Pub, Inc

R & H Healy Family Foundation

Rocklyn Asset Corp. V

Spencer Family Fund

St. Athanasius Church

Tally Consultancy

Red & Blue Club

Abigal Press V

American Express Gift Matching Program V

Anderson Tax

BNY Mellon Trust of Delaware

Camp Friendship

Charities Aid Foundation of America


Kennedy’s Restaurant

MAD Travel, Inc.

Prudential Annuities

Reason 2 Believe, LLC


UBS Financial Services, Inc.

Wells Fargo Foundation V

Assisi Society

Allgoods LLC fancloth Operating Account

BNY Mellon Community Partnership Campaign V

Brooklyn Ballet

Caffe Buon Gusto

Demarco & Nesi, LLC

Destex, Inc.

Edward Jones Investments

Long Beach Sports Inc., dba Sports Depot V

Matt Dobyns Golf Shop, Inc.

New York City Gives

Pricewaterhouse Coopers V

Pricewaterhouse Coopers

Remsen Graphics, Inc. V

St. Francis College Athletic Department



AmazonSmile Foundation V

Chevron Matching Gift Program V

Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation

Eastchester Boy Scout Troop #353

Eric Mower and Associates, Inc.

Holly’s Test Business

Knights of Columbus

Lake Ridge Custom Builders

Network for Good V

Office of Joseph Stuto, DPM

Sisters of St. Joseph

Staten Island Yankees

Wells Fargo Bank


In-Kind Donors

ABC Channel 7

AgeLess Rendezvouz

Ballet Academy East

James F. Bozart ’86 and Donald B. Winston XV

Bradford Renaissance Portraits Corp.

Brooklyn Ballet

Caramoor Center for Music and the Arts, Inc.

Tim BT and Diane Cecere P’20 V

Collins Building Services, Inc. V

Kenneth D. ’88 BT and Laurie Daly XV

Carol T. Decina ’03 V

Dynamic Productions

Fast Track Construction X

Thomas F. and Eileen Flood X

Gino’s Restaurant

Catherine Greene BT X

Harbor Fitness

Reginald Henry

R.J. ’94 and Maria Hinners V

Alber ’84 and Laura Hot XV

Mackenzie L. Iburg ’17

Investors Bank V

Penelope Kokkinides BT

Lia Schorr Day Spa NYC

Live Nation Entertainment

Michael A. ’97 BT and Julia MacIntyre XV

MAD Travel, Inc.

Madison Square Garden

J. Christopher ’83 BT and Carol Mangan XV

Paul and Valerie Marini

Miguel Martinez-Saenz, Ph.D. and Julie Holland

Masana Portrait Artwork NYC


National Grid XV

Eleanor and Alex Nordholm

NY Rangers

Michael O’Keeffe X

Omni Distribution, LLC

Orangetheory Fitness Brooklyn Heights

Mary O’ Shea

Lynn Parkerson

Judy A. ’79 BT and Robert Rice V

Susan L. and Barry D. Richards X

Jane M. Rogers

Danny Savino

Staten Island Yankees

Lou Switzer

The Water Club

Fred and Judith A. Wilpon V