Endowed Scholarships—Portrait Wall

The Endowed Scholarship Portrait Walls are located in the lobby of Founders Hall. Each portrait portrays the honoree(s) of a fully funded endowed scholarship at St. Francis College.

Richie Allen ’96 Scholarship

Hon. Francis X. Altimari ’50 Scholarship

Anne Longo Amore Scholarship

Carmen and Edward ’60 Aquilone Scholarship

Peter N. Aquilone Scholarship

Right Rev. John J. Berkery ’38 Scholarship

Madeline and Stanley Bogart Scholarship

Msgr. Paul Bradley ’37 Scholarship

Dr. John Burke ’40 Scholarship

John Daniel Callahan Scholarship

Frank M. Caputo Scholarship

Dr. Joseph Carpino Scholarship

Philip Andrew Carrano ’70 Scholarship

Bro. Camillus Casey, OSF Scholarship

Dr. Michael Casey Scholarship

Robert B. Catell Scholarship

Lucia P. and Ceasar J. Cellini Scholarships

Derrick D. Cephas Scholarship

Jeffrey Allen Clark Memorial Scholarship

Class of 1938 Scholarship

Dean John Clifford Scholarship

Rita and Michael Collins Scholarship

Jo Conway Scholarship

Joseph Coppotelli ’62 Scholarship

Bro. Henry Cuddy, OSF ’40 Scholarship

Arthur Curry Scholarship

Linda and Gerald A. ’58 Curtin Scholarship

Antoinette M. D’Amato Scholarship

Jack ’70 and Kathy Danaher Scholarship

Hans-Peter Dawson Scholarship

The Firefighter Edward Day Memorial Scholarship

Helen and Louis DeBlasio Scholarship

Professor Francis Delaney Scholarship

Dominick P., D.D.S. ’64 and Rosemary DePaola Scholarship

Marge and John ’58 Dietl Scholarship

Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio, Ph.D., D.D. Scholarship

Margaret J. Burns and William F. Donovan Scholarship established by Daniel P. ’68 and Maureen Donovan Scholarship

Gene ’79 and Ginna Donnelly Scholarship

Hon. Eileen C. Dugan Scholarship

Anne and Brian Dugan Scholarship

Dr. Joseph A. Ellis Scholarship

Pete P. Fazio ’60 Scholarship

Bernard Ferguson ’22 Scholarships (2 Scholarships)

Professor Nicholas A. Fiorenza ’36 Scholarship

Gerard Flanagan ’53 and Elizabeth Flanagan McCloskey Scholarship

Dr. James Flynn Scholarship

Hon. Kevin Fogarty Scholarship

William F. Fox, Jr. ’49 Scholarship

Frederick ’54 and Catherine Furman Scholarship

Harold Geneen Scholarship

Hon. Anthony J. Genovesi Scholarship

Betty and Leo Giancola Scholarship

Drs. James Aloysius Gibson ’63 and Patricia Brozinsky Scholarship

Augustus E. Giegengack Scholarship

Dr. Uwe Gielen Scholarship

Brother Austin Gill, OSF ’62 and Brother Edwin Gill, OSF Scholarship

Bro. Urban Gonnoud, OSF Scholarship

Dr. Francis Greene Scholarship

Margaret and Thomas Groarke—established by Edward J. Groarke ’69

Msgr. Daniel A. Hanrahan Scholarship

Cornelius Heeney Scholarships (2 Scholarships)

Mary and Walter Henning Scholarship

Susan and Roger Hertog Scholarship

Bro. John Hoffschmidt, OSF Scholarship

Bro. Edmund Holmes, OSF ’28 Scholarship

Dr. Clement Jedrzejewski Scholarship

Cathleen and George Kane Scholarship

Msgr. John Kean Scholarship

Frances C. and Joseph T. Keegan, Sr. Scholarship

Julie and Anne Kelly Scholarship

Bro. Pascal Kelly, OSF ’33 Scholarship

Mrs. Nora Konkel Scholarship

Ronnie Murray Konkel Scholarship

Barbara G. Koster ’76 Scholarship

Dr. Nino Langiulli Scholarship

17th of June (Evelyn Margaret Laquercia) Scholarship

Thomas Michael Laquercia ’66 Scholarship

Bro. George Larkin, OSF ’60 Scholarship

Marie and Bill Ledermann Scholarship

Daniel Lynch, Sr. ’38 Scholarship

Philip and Rhena Lynch Scholarship

Lucy and Joseph Macchiarola Scholarship

Mary and Frank J. ’62 Macchiarola Scholarship

James Mangano Scholarship

Lawrence ’72 and Karen Marsiello Scholarship

Joseph M. Mattone Scholarship

Mary Ann Mattone Scholarship

Margaret L. McArdle Scholarship

Robert McCarron (Bro. Isidore, OSF) Scholarship

John ’51 and Mary McCarthy Scholarships (12 Scholarships)

Donald H. McCree, Jr. Scholarship

The Robert J. McGuire Scholarships

Brigid T. and Patrick J. McTague Scholarship

Hugh O’Neill ’37 and Josephine McTague Scholarship

Dr. Donald Metz ’47 Scholarship

Joseph Murphy (Bro. Jarlath, OSF) Scholarship

John Muscara Scholarship

Bro. Roger Nagle, OSF Scholarship

Jane and Al Neal STEAM Scholarship

Bro. Thomas O’Neill, OSF ’68 Scholarship

Deloitte / William G. Parrett ’67 Scholarships (4 Scholarships)

James Patranzino ’69 Scholarship

Vincent F. Pitta ’72 Scholarship

Frances and Anthony C. ’67 Providenti Scholarship

Dr. Tom Quigley ’52 Scholarship

Bro. Leo Quinn, OSF ’26 Scholarship

Bro. Columba Reilly, OSF Scholarship

John “Jay” Riddell ’66 Scholarships (4 Scholarships)

Bro. Jerome Roese, OSF Scholarship

Irene and Vincent Salamone Scholarship

Melissa Sanchez Scholarship

Dr. Aida Santiago Scholarship

Dr. Charles Savage Scholarship

Bro. Robert Schaefer, OSF ’61 Scholarship

Charles Schaem ’40 Scholarship

Bro. Robert Smith, OSF Scholarship

Timothy M. Stackpole ’01 Scholarship

Peter J. Striano Scholarship

Student Government Association John F. Kennedy Scholarship

Bro. Austin Sullivan, OSF Scholarship

Bro. Donald Sullivan, OSF Scholarships (4 Scholarships)

Grace I. Terry Scholarship

Anne Trivisonno Scholarship

Bro. Giles Turbee, OSF Scholarship

Lt. Col. Philip C. Valenti, USAF ’50 and Joan Valenti Scholarship

Louis Valentino, Jr. ’79 (3 Scholarships and 4 Stipends)

Mary and Frank Walker Scholarship

Rita-May and Thomas ’62 Ward Scholarship

The following established scholarships are also represented on the Endowed Scholarship Wall but do not have a portrait.

Gladys Brooks Foundation Scholarship (2 Scholarships)

Joe Browne ’68 Scholarship

Frank Celauro Scholarship

Chase Manhattan Bank Scholarships

Chemical Bank Scholarship

Michael P. Donovan ’81 and Kelly J. Quinn ’80 Scholarship

Duns Scotus Scholarship

Employee Scholarship

Franciscan Brothers of the Third Order Regular Scholarship

Franciscan Brothers Who Resided at the College Friary Scholarship

Franciscan Institute Scholarship

Bernard Haverty Scholarship

Elizabeth and Bernard Haverty Scholarship

Elizabeth Billingham Haverty Scholarship

William Randolph Hearst Foundation Scholarship (3 Scholarships)

Ernest Kehr ’35 Memorial Scholarship

Robert ’50 and Mary Lanigan Scholarship

Rose D. McArdle Scholarship

Right Rev. Msgr. Joseph V. McClancy Memorial Scholarship

Joan and Thomas Meade Scholarship

Lois Melsha Scholarship (2 Scholarships)

John P. O’Boyle Scholarship

Providenti Family / Council of Regents Scholarship

Helen Quigley Scholarship (2 Scholarships)

Dr. Scholl Foundation Scholarship

Sheeney Scholarship

Joseph Supancich ’26 / Child Abuse Prevention Program Scholarship

Maureen Catherine Tully Scholarship

Joseph and Clare Walker Scholarship

Joseph P. Walker ’61 Memorial Scholarship

Stanley Willing Memorial Award

World Trade Center Victims Fund

Professor William Yellin Scholarship

Andrew W. Cooper Young Journalists in Training